‘All Out’ Group Asks Sponsors like Coca Cola to Speak Out on Sochi

New York, N.Y.  Coca-Cola bosses are deciding if they should speak out against Russia’s anti-gay laws. As a major sponsor of the Olympics, Coca-Cola is under growing pressure.

They’re expected to give their answer next week. Coca-Cola could claim Russia’s anti-gay laws have nothing to do with them. But if thousands of us send them emails, they could see this is a growing threat to Coca-Cola’s fun, friendly image and finally speak out.

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Coca-Cola’s spending millions on the games in Sochi, so President Putin won’t be able to ignore them if they come out against the anti-gay law. Can you send a quick email now to Coca-Cola boss, Muhtar Kent, asking Coca-Cola to speak out?  https://www.allout.org/coca-cola

Other Olympic sponsors, including McDonalds and Samsung, are waiting to hear what Coke says. If Coca-Cola does the right thing, other Olympic sponsors could follow in a domino effect.

Beyond the Olympics, Coca-Cola is a huge investor in Russia so it has a lot of economic power in the country. And if Coca-Cola speaks out, it will massively up the pressure on the Olympics Committee to take a stronger position too. It could all add up to irresistible pressure on the Russian government to repeal the laws before the Olympics.

Coca-Cola likes to shout about its reputation as a gay-friendly company. That means they’ll be sensitive to thousands of emails from us, raising the threat of a crisis for their reputation if they don’t speak out. Click here to send an email to Coca-Cola: https://www.allout.org/coca-cola.

All Out members are getting results. Most recently, 79,500 of us sent emails to the Olympic Committee. They replied – saying for the first time that lesbian, gay, bi and trans people are included in anti-discrimination Olympic Principle 6.

Together, we got the UK Prime Minister to raise the anti-gay laws with President Putin face-to-face, after we protested in 34 cities across the world. And nearly 400,000 of us have signed the petition – wow.

All Out members are busy elsewhere too – petitioning Cameroon’s President Biya to end violence and asking Australia to stop sending refugees to a country where it’s illegal to be gay.

Right now, Coca-Cola needs to call for an end to Russia’s anti-gay laws. Send an email: https://www.allout.org/coca-cola.

If Coca-Cola calls for an end to the anti-gay laws, it’ll be huge. But there’s more they could do: give money to Russian organizations fighting the laws, and pressure the Olympic Committee to get tough with Russia too.

Thanks for going All Out,

Andre, Guillaume, Hayley, Jeremy, Leandro, Marie, Sara, Tile, Wesley and the rest of the All Out team.


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