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One of Many: Diaspora Doctor Continues to Help Haiti

New York, N.Y. Most Americans think they know Haiti, that squalid, refugee-camp-ridden place somewhere south of Florida. Some Americans think they know Haitian-Americans, too: the maid in Miami, the health attendant in Manhattan, the taxi driver in Brooklyn. What many miss are the approximately 3 million professionals of the Haitian diaspora in North America and […]

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Opportunities for Widows and Children in Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan. For two months this year, I had the honor and joy of supporting the establishment of a remarkable new center in Kabul, Afghanistan, unlike any other I have seen or studied.   As part of a contract from the U.S. Department of Defense, Noori Foundation Afghanistan (NFA) – a private foundation started by a […]

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Teen Philanthropist Outlines Steps To Making A Difference

By Isaac J. Kassin, edited by Jim Luce New York, N.Y. This world is enormous: Planet Earth has approximately seven billion humans like you inhabiting it.  You are only one, miniscule human living on this large, crowded planet; how can you possibly make a difference?  How can you be heard? If I were to illustrate […]

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Intense, Ironic, Iconic: Hahn-Bin Takes Joe’s Pub at The Public

New York, N.Y. “Hahn-Bin, the World’s Saddest Clown, Dies at 24.” So proclaimed the faux New York Times article on each table before the performance began. It continued, “He committed suicide… just hours after the alleged murder of his ex-lover.” So began one of New York’s most mesmerizing, strangest and strongest musical performances of 2011. […]

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Zombie Banks: A New York Story in Three Parts

New York, N.Y. Scene One: I meet an interesting Turkish-American professional at my college alumni reception and we chat about my foundation’s interest in opening a Turkish Fund for women and children’s social issues in Turkey. He volunteers to advise me — great! Scene Two: I notice an intelligent New Yorker on the subway reading […]

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Video: Diaspora Palestinians Search for Their Heritage

Download video from our partner The Media Line (TML)  here. The Media Line™ (TML) is a unique non-profit news organization established to enhance and balance media coverage in the Middle East, promote independent reporting in the region, and break down barriers to understanding in the Arab and Israeli journalism communities.  TML’s mission is to provide […]

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At Home with Boumi’s Founder Hassina Sherjan

Kabul, Afghanistan. With the light pouring into the sitting room of Hassina Sherjan’s roomy Afghan home, the treasures she has accumulated and arranged are a glowing representation of so much about Afghanistan that is so beautiful.   Pillows from the Boumi home furnishings collection. Photo courtesy Boumi. Everything about the atmosphere is at once Afghan […]

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Meet Hassina Sherjan of Afghanistan

CEO of, activist and author of ‘Toughing It Out In Afghanistan’, Hassina Sherjan. Country Director of Aid Afghanistan for Education/Founder Nationality:                Afghan-American Date of Birth:        1961 Email: Phone:                      93 (0) 796423034 Experience Received MPA degree from Harvard Kennedy School of Governance 2011. Received an […]

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One Company Gives Back to Injured Veterans, Helping them Every Step of the Way

More Than Just ‘Lifeline,’ Remittances Spur Global Growth

In Miami: Fighting Gentrification By Making Little Haiti Great Again

Extreme Poverty: Women’s Collective Sell Clay Cakes in Port-au-Prince

Native American Two-Spirits Look to Reclaim Lost Heritage

Haiti Bars Oxfam Great Britain After Sexual Abuse Scandal