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Renaissance: Afghan National Symphony Orchestra

Kabul, Afghanistan.  From a two-story building in Kabul, 140 children and young people are learning traditional Afghan and international classical music from instructors who have come from around the country and the world to participate in the revival, and contribute to building a national symphony as part of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM). Dr. […]

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Japanese Photo Exclusive: Dalai Lama in India

Bodh Gaya, India. Close to 500,000 pilgrims attended the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra in Bodh Gaya, India – where the Buddha sat under a tree and obtained Enlightenment.   The event lasted ten days and included teachings from His Holiness as well as awards, cultural performances, and initiations. All photos courtesy of and copyrighted by Japan’s Yoshimitsu […]

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SNL’s Rachel Dratch Shares Poetry for Afghan Women – in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, N.Y. Last weekend (1/ 21-22) the cities of New York and Kabul shared more than snow and their oddly similar characteristics of traffic jams, cultural diversity and general chaos. New Yorkers could hear the writings of women in Afghanistan which have been encouraged and supported by the Afghan Women’s Writing Project (AWWP), a remarkable […]

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Kalachakra: Dalai Lama’s 10-Day Teaching in Bodhgaya

By Dr. Kazuko Hillyer. New York, N.Y. After unbelievable trips to five countries this fall – Argentina, Japan, Peru, Mexico, and Israel – I was ready looking forward to taking 36 international friends to Bodhgaya, India for the Dalai Lama’s teaching and initiation of Kalachakra.   The rumor was going around that this might be the […]

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My Pilgrimage Complete: Life Continues Like a Wheel

Bodh Gaya, India.  Four years ago I wrote the most-read piece of my life: Will a Vow of Poverty Fill the Void in My Soul? One of the reasons I was interested in this pilgrimage is to meet so many people who have taken a similar vow – the hundreds of thousands of monks who have descended in Bodh […]

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On the Banks of the Ganges: Reflections of a Journey in Time

Varanasi, India.  I realize this is winter in northern India just like in New York, but I had thought that India would be warmer and greener.  The countryside is often drab, so different from the vibrant rice fields of Bali.  Here, they appear to be either dusty or muddy.  I was unprepared for the cold […]

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Year of the Dragon 2012: Feng Shui Tips to Wellness for NY’ers

For some of the most driven and high-spirited people from around the country and the world who choose to make New York their oyster, periods of relaxation and carefree days may be few and far between.   It is this vision that I foresee in coming days and weeks. The year of the dragon that begins […]

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Buddhism and the Universal Concept of Social Responsibility

Bodh Gaya, India. Studying in Japan back in college, I had a very unique Buddhist experience, one of which I did not understand until years afterwards.  I had joined a Buddhist student group that took me to the far north of Japan where we re-planted the mountainsides (“Shinnen No Mori”).  This was an international concept […]

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U.N.: Hungary’s Laws on Helping Foreigners Blatantly Xenophobic

Improving Your Appearance and Loving Your Smile Just Got Easier

Peter Fonda Attacks Trump Family, Then Apologizes

New Shoe Designer Sets Trends, Turns Heads, Gives Back to Charity

Pope Supports U.S. Bishops’ Criticism of ‘Immoral’ Immigration Policy

UNICEF: Migrant Children at U.S. Border Have Right to Protection