2015 Global Luce Leader Receives Congressional Commendation

Greenwich, CT.  This was the announcement from NEWS 12 CT:

Alana Galloway, a 17-year old, was honored in Bridgeport, CT today (March 1, 2015) for building awareness about human trafficking, bullying and teen suicide.

IMG_9755U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, Alana Galloway, Sara Herbert-Galloway,
Frank Recchia News 12 CT. Photo: Herbertcollection.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal and Bridgeport, CT Mayor Bill Finch presented Alana with a Congressional Commendation for her writing, photography and illustrations that have appeared in The Huffington Post, The Stewardship Report, and other national publications.


The humanitarian group, The J. Luce Foundation named Alana Galloway a 2015 Luce Leader in New York this week. She is a Junior at Convent of the Sacred Heart in Greenwich, CT. Senator Blumenthal said the J. Luce Award goes only to the most dedicated young people concerned with improving the world that they live in.


During the Bridgeport press-conference on March 1, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said:

This award has real personal meaning to me because Alana has really shown us the meaning of leadership by carrying on tough causes like prison reform and human trafficking by very eloquently writing and photographing subjects that led to this award. She has really shown the way, not only for folks in her generation but for all of us through her public service.

What Alana has shown here is that public service is alive and well among the next generation and the award to her from The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation is not only well deserved but extraordinarily important in showing us that youth leadership really is alive and well in this next generation.

Alana, I want to thank you for inspiring me and all of us in the United States Senate which is the reason I have a Certificate of Special Recognition from The Senate of The United States and I’m very, very proud to present it to you in recognition of you receiving this wonderful award from The J. Luce Foundation recently.

IMG_9752Alana Galloway and Senator Richard Blumenthal. Photo: Herbertcollection.

Alana Galloway responded:

Thank you, I’m honestly honored. My parents kept this a secret from me coming over. This is an honor, thank you very much.

IMG_9742Sonya Finch and husband Bridgeport CT. Mayor Bill Finch, Senator Richard Blumenthal,
Alana Galloway and Sara Herbert-Galloway. Photo: Herbertcollection.

Senator Blumenthal:

Thank you, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank your parents. Sara, thank you to you and all of your family, congratulations.  This award is a wonderful recognition and a model for other young people because Alana is giving back, she’s determined. She’s been given a lot but she’s going to give a lot back and that’s what this award recognizes; her determination, grit, courage and great gifts that have led to this young leadership award.

This award is so exciting for me because it recognizes Alana’s writing and photography. Calling attention to really urgent pressing problems like human trafficking and prison reform and other causes that we need young people to carry on and so, I’m excited and proud to be here and to know Alana and her parents as friends, not only as public servants.

Alana Galloway:

Every time I hear about these charities that need help, that need people to support them, so many of them that I’ve written about are so close to my heart I want to do everything I can to support them. I’m only seventeen there’s not much I can do but, I can write and writing has always been something that’s close to my heart. Its always been a way for me to express myself and in the past few years I found it to be a way to express things that mean something to me as well such as the charities I’ve written about.

It’s incredible to have this for the recognition, not only for me personally but for the charities and organizations that I write about that I genuinely believe deserve the recognition even more so than I do.

IMG_99592015 Luce Leader Alana Galloway. Photo: Herbertcollection.

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John Lee
John Lee served as a Global Officer of Orphans International Worldwide (www.oiww.org) in Sri Lanka for three years following the 2004 Tsunami. He is Vice President of the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation (www.lucefoundation.org) and serves as Lifestyle Editor of The Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness. He has a masters degree in gemology and is an accomplished photographer.

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