2019: On Eve of Twentieth Anniversary, Incredible Banner Year

New York, N.Y. 2019, our 19th year, was a tremendous breakthrough year for Orphans International Worldwide, the J. Luce Foundation, and the New York Global Leaders Lions Club. Our mission of raising, supporting and educating Young Global Leaders was strengthened more than in any previous year. We launched in India. We launched our Luce 24 Under 24. We began to build online The Luce Collection. Special thanks to our dedicated executive director Chloe Hoang.

50874037_3017266958298816_802604872225521664_n19th Annual Leadership Awards Gala at The Princeton Club, New York.
Photo: Stewardship Report.

53226600_3103380286354149_5699000308449935360_oUniversity presidents and bestselling psychiatrists attended our 19th gala.
Photo: Nan Melville.

2019 started off strongly with our 19th annual Awards Gala at the Princeton Club where we focused on our ties with Marietta College and the Caribbean Maritime University, and our “Three Continents of Leadership Experience.” Past galas have been held at the Yale and Harvard Clubs, as well as The Americas Society, National Arts Club, Skadden Arps, and Missions of Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

A-e1556925360828J. Luce Foundation’s executive team and Young Global Leaders at
the tenth McDonough Leadership Conference at Marietta College
in Marietta, Ohio. Photo: The Stewardship Report.

Shortly thereafter, we arrived at Marietta College with Young Global Leaders from New York City and the Caribbean Maritime University. Executive Director Chloe Huang presented on our Luce Leadership Experience Indonesia. We have been partnered with Marietta College since 2015. I was also honored to speak at my alma mater, The College of Wooster.

65027513_2404324242939315_3322810794399236096_oOur New York Global Leaders Lions Club focuses on service, here distributing
reading glasses to seniors in New York City. Photo: Stewardship Report.

Charter Night copy

In May, our New York Global Leaders Lions Club with Past District Governor Peter Pergolis held our fourth anniversary Charter Night. In June, we delivered 1,000 pairs of reading glasses with the help of the J. Luce Foundation Young Global Leadership Initiative to the Roosevelt Island Senior Center in New York.

66608192_3450133058345535_8166692301150617600_nEEE FFF CCC DDD BBB AAAOur inaugural cohort of Luce 24 Under 24 celebrating the best of youth involved
with uplifting humanity around the world. Photos: Stewardship Report.

Over the summer we launched our Luce 24 Under 24 awards, similar to the Forbes 30 Under 30, at the China Institute in New York with our first cohort of Young Global Leaders being acknowledged for their commitment and aptitude for bettering humanity. Henry Luce was instrumental in assisting The China Institute in its early days on the Upper East Side.

68461493_1785501998261108_1399007935073353728_o67832924_1785502174927757_570701463152492544_oOur summer Young Global Initiative was housed in contributed space
at WeWork in Manhattan. 
Photo: Stewardship Report.

Our summer Young Global Initiative, a 200-hour program, was housed in contributed space at WeWork in Manhattan, featuring paid interns with New York on Tech. They worked extensively on our online properties and met with the New York City elected officials.

67791384_3532292883462885_7490386925153419264_nOur summer Young Global Initiative met with the New York City elected officials,
including NYC Council Member Ben Kallos and Borough President Gale Brewer.
Photo: Stewardship Report.

70992147_3037739609601056_6974280659611156480_nWe were shocked to receive text messages from Indonesia that the orphanage
we support there was on fire. Thankfully, none of the 60 children were injured.

Photo: Stewardship Report.

At the end of the summer, the Indonesian orphanage we visited in 2018 burned to the ground. Thankfully, none of the 60 children we have supported were harmed. This is the Presbyterian home we found Mathew Luce in 24 years ago. We immediately began to raise funds for its reconstruction and Matt should arrive their to oversee reconstruction this winter.

_DSC4926 copy 2Dr. Kazuko and I with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in
Dharamshala, India, 2019. Photo: Stewardship Report.

75594471_3153214611386888_6588021168211492864_o (1)I saw the academic building Dr. Kazuko had spearheaded construction of for
Tibetan orphans high in the Himalayan mountains on India’s border with China.
Photo: Stewardship Report.

In September, Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura and I traveled to Tibetan India to meet with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and then traveled two days over the Himalayas to a mountaintop on the Chinese border to see the academic center we helped build for Tibetan orphans at Manjushree.

IMG_6171IMG_6221With the beautiful Tibetan children of the Manjushree Orphanage
in India that we support. Photo: Stewardship Report.

In November we celebrated our annual Elegant Autumn Evening. This event is where we assemble our leadership circle for the upcoming year and update all on our many activities. It was held in an art gallery last year on the Upper East Side and this year in a gallery in SoHo. Next year may be in the Henry Luce Room of the Asia Society overlooking Park Avenue.

74316428_3816938798331624_8039036681883484160_o74693520_3816948484997322_6687551666587172864_oPhoto: Stewardship Report.

Then, we returned to India to inaugurate the J. Luce Foundation India, visiting our school for once ”untouchable” (dalit) children, and lease land for 99 years across from the Bodhi tree Lord Buddha once sat where we will construct our Saraswati Luce Leadership Centre India in 2020.

IMG_8121 copy IMG_8203 copy IMG_8813 copyAt the Lotus Free School and site surveying on the 99-year leased property of
The Saraswati Luce Leadership Centre India. Photos: Stewardship Report.

Our Board of the foundation in India will also constitute the Saraswati Chapter of our Lions Club. The Lotus School has opened with 75 elementary school students, receiving a school uniform and shoes for the very first time, and construction of a permanent building will be complete by April, with an additional 75 students set to enroll.

71958100_2557018004531533_2648251120744398848_nThe J. Luce Foundation India has opened an office in the poorest province of Bihar.
Photo: Stewardship Report.

The Saraswati Luce Leadership Centre India will open on land adjacent to Buddha’s bodhi tree in the countryside of Bihar in September, in conjunction with our 2020 Luce Leadership Experience India.

This month, we worked with Santa Claus through the Lions Club to distribute Christmas presents for the fourth year in a row to disadvantaged children in our own backyard, New York’s  Lower East Side and Chinatown.

IMG_9052 copyFrom distributing shoes to ‘untouchable’ kids in India to Christmas presents to
kids in Chinatown, this is the work of our charities. Photo: Stewardship Report.

Finally, we began to plan our Luce Leadership Experiences 2020 and 2021 to India and Israel, and continued conversations to work down the road in China.

Jared HoffmanSenior Young Global Leader Jared Hoffman of New York is a citizen of Israel.
Many of of young leaders have roots in Israel. Photo: Stewardship Report.

2020 will see a strengthening of Board and Global Advisers requirements, launch of The Luce Collection online, a reboot of The Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness, complete with advertising, each designed to improve our revenue streams.

New_York_Post-Tsunami_Saint_DNew York Post story of 2005. Photo: Stewardship Report.

2020 –– our 20th anniversary––will be the halfway point of my own career. From building homes for orphaned children after the Tsunami in Indonesia and Sri Lanka in 2005 as well as Hurricane Jeanne and the earthquake in Haiti, I pledge to push another twenty years until I am eighty, assuring that our passions will be fully institutionalized before retiring.

Asia_Society_Ball-2Join us in 2020 in the Henry Luce Room of The Asia Society, Park Avenue, NYC.

The year 2020 will be busy! In February we will celebrate our 20th anniversary. In April we will cut the red ribbon of the Lotus Free School in Bihar, India. In May, we will visit the rebuilt orphanage in Indonesia. In June, we will present at the International Lions Club Convention in Singapore.

CEAS_outsideLuce1-723x527Henry Luce Hall at Yale, tentative site of the foundation’s World Congress V.

In July, we will name our annual cohort to the Luce 24 Under 24. In August, we will lead our Luce Leadership Experience India and open the Luce Leadership Centre India opposite Buddha’s Bodhi tree. In November, we will host our World Congress V at Yale. And in December, we will journey to the Manjushree Home for Tibetan Orphans high in the Himalayas.

72566819_1452484314909442_4038801608081932288_oJoin us in 2020 as we visit Manjushree Orphanage for Tibetan Children
high in the Himalayas! Photo: Stewardship Report.

Global transformation cannot be achieved in isolation. Only as a team of committed human beings can we better the world. JOIN US!

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