Mouse: Technology with Purpose – Nearly 20 Years of Excitement

New York, N.Y.  For nearly 20 years, Mouse has empowered students to realize their full potential—and the potential of technology—to solve real problems and make meaningful change in our communities and the world.


“I built a robot to help pick up trash on the sidewalks in my Lower East Side neighborhood.”

“We made digital diaries, using cameras and editing tools, to tell the stories of our neighbors right after Superstorm Sandy hit us here in Far Rockaway.”

“We created “how-to” videos for our teachers and all the other students when our middle school in Harlem adopted iPads in the classroom.”

Today, we celebrate technology as a force for good, by unveiling new messaging and visuals that reflect the creativity and ingenuity of the content Mouse develops, the original projects our students create, and the instruction our educators deliver.


Our new messaging is bold, open, and innovative, and our new visuals, inspired by a “kit of parts,” are dynamic, imaginative, and interactive, much like the students and educators we serve.


We hope that Mouse’s new brand will inspire future generations to use technology with purpose and to imagine all the possibilities we can create.

Can you tell I am excited?  We all are at Mouse and hope you are too. Write me with your reactions or share your thoughts with us on twitter, @mouse_org.

All best,

Daniel Rabuzzi
Executive Director, Mouse

Mouse empowers all students to create with technology to solve real problems and make meaningful change in our world.

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