Breaking Walls Santiago Empowers Next Generation of Creative Activists

Santiago, Chile. Founded by the lovely artist, educator, and creative activist Fran Tarr, Breaking Walls is a non-profit that uses creative writing to empower youth and promote solutions to social issues. The organization consists of young artists, ambassadors, and associates from Barcelona, Berlin, Bethlehem, Palestine, Brooklyn, Cape Town, Detroit, Santiago, and Warsaw.

bw_group_picture_2018Founder & Director Fran Tarr with Breaking Walls artists and ambassadors.
Photo: Breaking Walls.

The large global family meets each year in July in a new country to establish a Breaking Walls hub, and to create an annual performance with the people from respective communities. Artists spend the first few days of their trip in writing workshops, where they use triggers centralized on the current issues in societies around the world to express their own thoughts, ideas, struggles, and concerns. Then, the performance team crafts together their work into a script where some singing, dancing, and acting are incorporated throughout rehearsal.

picture_group_friendship_day_2018 copyParticipants of Breaking Walls Santiago 2018. Photo: Breaking Walls.

Breaking Walls offers a platform for artists to raise their voices and share their dreams and adversities with anyone who is willing to listen. The organization follows its name, bringing down the barriers in communities and societies to promote peace and unity with our neighbors and ourselves.

I once attended a meeting at the United Nations Headquarters for the International Day of Peace, where over a dozen organizations presented themselves and their ways of promoting peace. Breaking Walls was among the most unique and impactful because it included components of the other organizations as well as its own new twists.

The author shares about her experience with Breaking Walls Santiago 2018.
Video: The Stewardship Report.

Examples of these components would be including singing, acting, dancing and other forms of art to our presentations. The twist would be our “Creative Activist Lab,” our developing method for creating actual timelines and plans to solve the problems in our communities all around the world. Another unique aspect is the community service and educational cultural excursions in which members participate.

Each year, through days of hard work and dedication, the movement manages to educate the members of the problems the community is facing, generate plans to solve these issues, and create a unique performance using the works of the artists. They also participate in physical reconstruction and art and leadership workshops to improve the community and to bring hope to others. After each trip, the delegations return home and and apply all that they have learned to better their own communities.

J. Luce Foundation Young Global Leader Representative, Mathew Tendean Luce,
reflects on his experience. Video: The Stewardship Report.

Currently, members are performing at open mic nights and plan to host public shows to spread the message of peace to more minds. I urge that you support this group and their unique work. It is through you that these brilliantly creative young people can come together each year to grow as leaders of tomorrow and promoters of social change.

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Naya Mason
An incoming first-year at Brooklyn College, Naya has been a part of Breaking Walls for almost three years. She served as a Brooklyn Artist in 2016 and 2017, and an Ambassador in 2018. Naya attends Breaking Walls Santiago 2018 and represents the organization in the J. Luce Leadership Experience 2018 in Jakarta & North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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