Luce Addresses Caribbean Commencement on Leadership

Kingston, Jamaica. On November 11, 2018, the latest class of the Caribbean Maritime University of Kingston, Jamaica graduated. Dignitaries who spoke at the Commencement included H.R.M. Drolor Bosso Adamtey I of Ghana, Hon. Dean-Roy Bernard, Ministry of Education, Youth & Information Secretary, University President Fritz Pinnock, Hon. Ruel Reid, Minister of Education, Youth & Information, and Jim Luce, president of the J. Luce Foundation, newly appointed Adjunct Professor of the University and head of the Luce Leadership Centre to open there.

Commencement '1804

Jim Luce, founder of Orphans International Worldwide, “Raising Global Leaders,” began in 1998 and was joined in 2008 by the J. Luce Foundation, “Supporting Young Global Leadership.” The Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness and Stewardship TV (YouTube) began in 2010. He is a member of the board of the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation.

Commencement '1816

Chancellor, Pres. Pinnock, Minister, Your Excellencies, Ladies & Gentlemen – and Graduating Cadets –

Commencement '1811

I thank you for this great honor to address here in the Jamaica Convention Center this fine group of graduating men and women who are set to sail forth and change the world. I am pleased to represent the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation in New York and bring you greetings and warm regards from our President and Founder, Dr. Geneive Brown Metzger.

Commencement '1801

I am also honored to be here today as President of The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation, whose mission is to cultivate young global leadership. To assist youth working to better humanity who each embody the characteristics of honor, hard work, benevolence, and integrity.

Commencement '1822

Our partnership with the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation is one of our most important priorities and I am very pleased, indeed, to announce the ACMF James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation Scholarship that will be tenable January 2019.

Commencement '1819

Your accomplishment here as graduating cadets of the Caribbean Maritime University put you at the forefront of young maritime leadership. This achievement illustrates that you embody the very characteristics that are so vital to leadership, whether global or local: honor, intelligence, benevolence, and integrity.

Commencement '1815

As you see in the news, authoritarian governments are gaining strength around the world. Human rights and our free seas are under threat. Climate change, xenophobia, and racial violence and extremism menace humanity.

Commencement '1817

The seas of hatred and divisiveness are rougher than usual. Tariffs, trade wars, and extremism make the world more dangerous with each passing day.

Commencement '1813

You, my friends, are the only anecdote I can think of to this poisoned mindset.

Commencement '1820

You, our next generation, must build bridges instead of walls, to sail unimpeded around the world, bringing us together and not driving us apart.

Commencement '1812

You stand here proud today, and I charge you to stand on the bridge tomorrow for humanity and what is possible. Stand on what unites us – and not what divides us.

Commencement '1814

We as your elders gathered here with you—respected public officials, professors, administrators, your parents, aunts and uncles—have decades of experience and wisdom over you. You have, however, what we once had: Youth.

Commencement '1821

We therefore pass on the torch of freedom of the high seas, freedom of commerce, freedom of human rights – to the next generation – we pass on this torch to the graduating cadets of the Caribbean Maritime University.

Commencement '1803

A ship in harbor is safe, my friends, but as you know more than I, this is not what ships were built for. Cadets, today we salute you! We count on you. We depend on you. To better humanity. Sail forth!


J.Luce Leadership Experience: Jamaica 2019(PROMO)

Photos courtesy of Duane Lyken/D. Anthony Photography, and The Caribbean Maritime University.

Commencement '1823

The Caribbean Maritime University began in 1980 and is today the premier tertiary institution for maritime education, training, research and consultancy in the Western Hemisphere. Established through a joint project between the Government of Jamaica and the Kingdom of Norway, the university has achieved ISO certification from Lloyds of London as a world-class institution accepted from the U.K. across Europe and approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Dr. Fritz Pinnock, its fine president himself the definition of Global Leadership, joined in 1982.

Commencement '1802

The American Caribbean Maritime Foundation began in 2016 under the leadership of Hon. Dr. Genevieve Brown Metzger, former Consul General of Jamaica to New York. The foundation exists to support the work of the Caribbean Maritime University. Our activities are focused on raising funds for scholarships, equipment, facilities and infrastructure, including classrooms, physical amenities, and to support the development of the maritime community in which the Caribbean Maritime University is located. With this in mind, our mission is informed by two game changing realities in the Caribbean: The critical need for jobs in the Caribbean as a basis for economic growth and to reduce poverty; and the potential of the maritime industry to significantly address the first.

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