Finger-Tip Stimulation Leads to Increased Body Temperature

116 – JUNE 13

New York, N.Y. By increasing the body temperature, immune power recovers. When the body temperature decreases by one degree, all of the internal organ functions likewise decrease.

Cooled, the body shrinks and breathing becomes difficult, skin starts to register pain all the way to the fingertips. Inner organ functions weaken even further, causing illness.


In such a situation, autonomic nerves adjust in a balanced manner between sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves.

When the sympathetic nerves becomes dominant, granulocytes increase. This activates the immune system. The parasympathetic nerve which becomes dominant also impact the immune system within white cells.

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When the immune system is perfect, the balance of the autonomic nerve system is sympathetic and parasympathetic is maintained. And the sympathetic nervous system deals with granulocytes. Balanced immunity is both nervous system is 35% granulocytes against 60% lymphocytes. As the value deviates from this range, the immune function becomes difficult.

If the autonomic nerve becomes too sympathetic, or the parasympathetic becomes too dominant, the body will eventually cool down. If the sympathetic nerve becomes too dominant for lymphocytes, granulocytes become excessive, and if the parasympathetic nerve becomes too dominant, lymphocytes become excessive and the immune system becomes dysfunctional. It can be said that the key to supporting health is the autonomic nerve.


The reason we get sick is due to imbalance; the autonomic nerves have the weakness of being “sensitive to stress” and lose their 35-60 ratio.

Physical stress such as overwork and lack of sleep, mental stress such as anger, jealousy, anxiety, fright, and sadness, chemical stress such as medication, synthetic drugs, and heavy metals.

These stresses are poisons that tense the sympathetic nerves, and when they accumulate, deprive the autonomic nervous system balance. As a result, blood flow is inhibited and the body cools. When the body cools, it cannot exert its natural immunity. Our health in a stressed society depends on it.

How to break this vicious circle

Autonomic nerve adjustment effect

Autonomic nerves adjust the function of immunity quickly through the nerves that are concentrated in the fingertips. The thumb, index finger, middle finger, and little finger stimulate the parasympathetic nerve, and the ring finger stimulates the sympathetic nerve.

Finger Stimulation

Each finger deals with a different organ. The thumb is connected to lung and respiratory function. The index finger deals with the digestive system including stomach, large and small intestines. The middle finger, deals with ears. The little finger deals with heart and kidney. And ring finger deals with the body’s sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The optimal balance is set according to your physical condition.

Blood circulation promotion effect

When the balance of the autonomic nerves is restored, the blood vessels also become flexible and blood can flow more easily. The fingertip is a place where capillaries are densely packed with nerves. The fingernail stimulates these blood vessels directly and acts as a pump that sends blood to the veins.

Poisoning and metabolic up effect

Waste products and stress toxins produced in the body are carried to the excretory organs in the bloodstream and are thrown out of the body along with sweat, breathing, urine and feces. If your autonomic nerves are balanced with finger cuticle stimulation on both sides of the nail, blood flow is improved. The body’s ability to excrete both waste and poisons increases. In addition, the reduction in poisons also creates a synergistic effect that makes blood easier to flow. Then, of course, your metabolism will also improve.

Chilling effect

Body heat is carried to the whole body in the bloodstream. If the blood flow that has been stagnant with nail flaws is improved, the cold body warms and the low body temperature gradually rises. I believe that it is desirable for the normal temperature to be between 35.0 ° C and 37 ° C, but it is not uncommon for people with lower hypothermia to increase their temperature as a result of nail scissors.

Normalization of immunity

Autonomic nerves regulate the function of white blood cells that control immunity. If the autonomic nervous system restores its original function with nail scissors, the immunity that was hindered will be restored. *

Therefore, normalization of immunity has much to do with stimulating the autonomic nervous system. One of the simple ways is to stimulate fingernail tips.

As mentioned above, trying to adjust the autonomic nerves while changing the nail flick every day is to open a “way” that smoothly flows blood and protects body temperature and immunity. “Beyond the road you hear, there is a tremendous benefit of health, wellness, long life.”

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