7 Reasons Why Grandparents are Turning to Diamond Investments

Photo courtesy of DVD Diamonds


New  York, N.Y. Grandparents Day is September 10, making it a great time to consider what they are investing in today and why. Many grandparents are taking on a role of caring for their grandchildren. For those who have grandchildren they are helping to care for, and for those who desire to leave their grandchildren something of everlasting value, millions of them make investments with the future generation in mind.

“When people invest their money for the future, they want to ensure they leave behind something of everlasting emotional and financial value for the next generation,” explains Sean Cohen, president of Van Zwam, the developer of Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs). “We’ve had many grandparents who are turning to diamond investing, both for themselves and to help secure the future of their grandchildren.”

Here are 7 reasons more grandparents are turning to diamond investments:

  1. Heirlooms. Diamond investments make for great heirlooms, and most people want something nice to pass on to the next generation. Not only are grandparents passing down something beautiful and long lasting with diamonds, but they are also helping to ensure their grandchildren’s financial future.
  2. Milestone gifts. Rather than saving heirlooms for when they pass, many grandparents today are giving them away as milestone gifts. Giving diamond investments to their grandchildren on milestone birthdays, weddings, and other special days is a great way to see their gift in action. Diamond investments make great milestone gifts and they can provide financial security to those who receive them.
  3. Meeting needs. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 2.6 million grandparents in the country are responsible for meeting the basic needs of at least one grandchild. With many of them uncertain if they are able to outlive their retirement income, they help to ensure that they will have the means to provide for their grandkids with diamond investing.
  4. Trust. Often coming from a less complex time, many grandparents don’t fully trust the more popular investment routes. They have seen too many people lose their savings and investments, and they prefer to go with something they know and trust. Being familiar with diamonds and their longevity, they trust putting their money into them as a long-term investment.
  5. Creativity. Tired of being offered the same old investment options by their financial planners, many grandparents are looking for creative ways to save. Diamond investments offer a unique way to save and invest for the future.
  6. Affordability. With many grandparents being on fixed incomes and still wanting to make some investments, diamonds offer them an affordable way to do just that. Diamond investments range from $1,000 to $150,000, giving most grandparents the opportunity to find an investment amount they are comfortable with and can afford.
  7. Trade-in value. Many people have diamond jewelry of differing values they bought years ago, which they wonder what to do with or how pass on. They don’t want future generations arguing about how to split them up. Trading in your old jewelry   for investment diamond portfolios or equal value means when the time comes, members of the next generation can each receive something of equal value.

“Many grandparents love the simplicity in diamond investing,” added Cohen. “It’s something easy to understand and can easily be followed, and you can physically hold a lot of value in the palm of your hand. With investment diamonds being a virtually indestructible compact and tangible investment that you physically possess, the holder knows they can trust it, and at any moment they can cash it in anywhere in the world or give it as a gift to someone they love. Couple that with thousands of years of value growth and it’s hard to beat investment diamonds when it comes to making investments in financial security.”

The Defined Value Diamonds (DVD) program makes it possible for most people to afford to invest in diamonds, offering individual diamond discs that range from $1,000 to $150.000. Each DVD disc holds high quality investment-grade diamonds that have been housed in an elegant lightweight stainless steel and glass display disc much like a large coin or watch face. Each DVD diamond is GIA-certified always triple excellent cut grade and comes with a GIA grading report identifying its key value characteristics as well as a Gemprint ID, the unique fingerprint for that diamond.

All DVD diamonds are ethically sourced , fully vetted and inspected to meet a higher grading tolerance standards than the basic GIA parameters. The DVD diamonds have each been hand-selected to ensure they are of the characteristics and type in most global demand, thereby providing for stability, quality, and value growth. The prices for the diamonds in each DVD are the same as the global polished trade price (PTP), the same price top-end retailer’s pay for their inventory, which is up to 60 less than the price that would be paid for the same diamonds set in jewelry. For more information on the Defined Value Diamonds asset, visit their site at: www.dvddiamonds.com.

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