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Jim Luce on Film

Jim Luce was introduced to film as a cultural area studies major at both The College of Wooster and Waseda University (Tokyo). Film Margarita With a Straw -Unexpected Brilliance- From India   Immigration, Ambition, Identity Shape Film Miss India America With Dosa Hunt, Film-Maker Amrit Singh, Esq. Emerges as Generational Voice NY Indian American Film Festival Triumphant […]

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Jim Luce on Haiti & Haitian-Americans


Jim Luce arrived in Haiti on the last day of the last century – New Year’s Eve, 1999.  He stayed in the Oloffson Hotel in Port-au-Prince where he heard the vodoo rock band Ram play – and met the Haitian orphan care expert who would become his first director there. Series: The New Haiti (2012) […]

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Surprise at Tribeca Festival: Best Film on Haiti Ever

New York, NY. Sitting through the world premiere of When the Drum is Beating at the Tribeca Film Festival this week, I thought to myself, at last: the definitive movie on the real Haiti. The red carpet was far from the abject poverty that is much of Haiti, but the quiet dignity and strength of […]

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