A Family Affair: Give Kids A Shot Gala at The Pierre Hotel, NYC

New York, N.Y.  2015 marks the 7th year that I have co-chaired the National Meningitis Association (NMA) gala with Gary Springer.  Lenore Cooney joined us as a third co-chair a few years ago. The NMA gala has become a family affair for us and our children.

LAST-IMG_1439Barry Klarberg and Sara Herbert-Galloway. Photo: HerbertCollection.

IMG_1421Gary Swanson, Donna Lufkin, ‘Painter Sam’ Samantha Bennett, Errol Rappaport.
Photo: HerbertCollection.

LAST - NEW-IMG_1385Matt and Allie Klarberg, Nikki Klarberg, Kate Horowitz, Jake Klarberg,
front Sara Herbert-Galloway, Justin Galloway, Ryan Klarberg,
Adrienne Burfield, Alana Galloway, Ella Reider.
Photo: HerbertCollection.

When I met Barry Klarberg in 2008, I was helping Gary and Nancy Springer with the first NMA event at The Players Club. The event was titled Cause Celebre’.  I invited Barry as a guest and did not know at the time, that he had been Nick Springers ice hockey coach before Nick was stricken with meningitis at the age of fourteen.  Nick was Barry’s goalee, Matt and Ryan Klarberg played hockey with Nick when they were kids. None of them had seen each other in years and have since reunited.

IMG_1426Indy 500 driver J.R. Hildebrand, Paralympic Gold Medalist Nick Springer,
Superbowl Champion Deion Branch. Photo: HerbertCollection.

IMG_1416Laura Hadaya, Camille Knoll, and Nicole Fratarcangeli. Photo: HerbertCollection.

IMG_1436Justin Galloway and Ella Reider. Photo: HerbertCollection.

We’ve come a long way since 2008. That year, Nick brought home a Gold Medal from the Olympics in Beijing. Nancy Ford Springer passed away the first year we had our gala which took place at the beautiful Rainbow Room, shortly before the event. The evening of our first gala was bitter sweet. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. We were all mourning the loss of Nancy, extremely proud of Nick for bringing home the gold and knew that we would be the last event held at the Rainbow Room before they closed their doors.

IMG_1397Gary Springer co-chair and honoree, Elizabeth Cier. Photo: HerbertCollection.

IMG_1415Adrienne Burfield, Justin Galloway, Ella Reider, Meghan Valvano.
Photo: HerbertCollection.

IMG_1405Photo: HerbertCollection.

As the years progressed, I have continued to co-chair this beautiful, heart felt event that takes place annually in New York City. I’ve gotten to know Lynn Bozof, President of the NMA and other team members and survivors. Many families have lost their loved ones to this terrible disease and attend the gala to remember and honor their family member.

IMG_1418Barry Klarberg, J.R. Hildebrand, Matt Klarberg, Jonathan Hadaya,
and Justin Galloway. Photo: HerbertCollection.

IMG_1393Shola Branch, Alana Galloway “NMA Teen Health Advocate’, Deion Branch.
Photo: HerbertCollection.

IMG_1401Photo: HerbertCollection.

The survivors who I have met have more strength than anyone I know. If you want to learn more please go to www.nmaus.org for some of their stories.  We have formed a very special bond. Lynn Bozof and I eventually asked Barry Klarberg to be a vice chair, his son Matt to be an auction chair along with a dear friend of Gary’s and mine, Errol Rappaport. The NMA named my children Justin and Alana Galloway Teen Health Advocates in 2010 for their work to raise awareness about the vaccine and meningitis.

IMG_1394Justin Galloway and Deion Branch. Photo: HerbertCollection.

IMG_1377Lucia Hwong-Gordon. Photo: HerbertCollection.

IMG_1429Justin Galloway and Ella Reider. Photo: HerbertCollection.

The photos in this album were originally taken for my personal use for our family… then I decided, why not tell the story about our family and our children’s involvement.  Barry and I have kids ranging from seventeen to thirty one and all of them are compassionate about this cause. They all help with auction items and have now included their significant others to help with the cause. It is a family affair for us each year as you will see in this photo collection.

IMG_1388Matt Klarberg, Ryan Klarberg, Justin Galloway, Alana Galloway.
Photo: HerbertCollection.

More Photos from professional photographers can be found at:

  • www.societyallure.com/Charity-Benefit/manhattan/National-Meningitis/48908560_mQvCdx#!i=4021171677&k=jrB4jZp
  • www.patrickmcmullan.com/collections/nma042715.collection
  • www.herbertcollection.com

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