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A rtefacting; many may wonder what this term means and what exactly is Artefacting. It is something of a creative community building process that can actually bring change and hope to many and it is something more people should know of. This brings us to the unique Alex White; founder of this Artefacting practice making a real difference through his creative projects. He has been taking action using creativity, collaboration, and motivation with communities of people around the world. His goal is to prompt social impact and change through the arts and other ways that someone else would have never thought about. The Gurgaon project in India resulted in people becoming organized and motivated to bring a public wrestling space to life. Willets Point in Queens New York: locals maintained the soccer stadium and continued to organize tournaments. Artefacting Mumbai: the art exhibition; in a community and economy in danger of being displaced by contemporary urbanization; helped counter negative imagery and stereotypes held towards the rag picker community of Dharavi.

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He is also a visual artist whose artwork stands for something and has a meaning like his piece Financial Statement which I believe shows how we altogether must break free of the urban prison that we live in and explore the beauties of our earth. One of his other pieces; Dreamscaping # 1; displays a visual story of the transformations that are underway in India’s newest modern city – Gurgaon. You’re probably wandering where Alex’s adventure began, so let’s tell his story.

Alex White Mazzarella was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1979. He has always been an artist as he graduated university with degrees in economics from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts and city planning from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. He studied mixed media painting at The Art Students League of New York. He set off on a new journey across the Atlantic to Barcelona, Spain where he attended Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña which stands for Polytechnic University of Catalonia where he studies Architecture and Urbanism. Alex’s vast and diverse education is a perfect example of how education plays a huge part of chasing your dreams; it is up to you to then go and make your way and your path which is what Alex has done and proved.

He traveled across the world to Hong Kong where he discovered the Central Waterfront Planning and Design Competition as the Program Manager of Designing the city of Hong Kong. He also was inspired by the street art in Hong Kong. He then moved to New York to focus on his passion for the arts. He painted and collaborated with artists such as Hugo Bastidas, Phillip Sherrod and Larry Poons during his time at the Art Students League in New York City. His work is in private collections in the USA, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway and India, he also exhibits his work regularly in New York City. I myself have just discovered Alex and I am already a fan; The Spirit of the Forest is by far my favorite piece by Alex which displays the night sky of the mountains of the Huicholes in Jalisco Mexico

His 2010 work “Beehive” is in the private collection of the Coimbatore Centre for Contemporary Art (CoCCA). His work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Time Out. Alex then went on to turn his dreams into a reality by creating Artefacting in 2010 as a global social arts inventor dedicated to bringing community solidarity, dialogue and authority. He brings different forms of the arts to different cultures around the world where many people may not really know how important and life changing art can be. He began using Artefacting as a way of creating art with diverse communities and people worldwide as a way to bring together differences, open ideas, dreams and clear underlying feelings that are not expressed openly.

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Alex has dedicated his last two and a half years to work in Oaxaca Mexico. He started with a six-month project bringing neighbors of a marginalized peri-urban neighborhood together through a slew of community organizing strategies and mediums. Today building is underway of the “Laboratorio de Culturas Cooperatives” (Laboratory Cultures Cooperatives) in Oaxaca, Mexico a project that he envisioned and helped fund through acquiring multi-year funding through DOEN’s Arts Collaboratory project. “This project will involve in essence many individual projects” he said. This will include bioespacio, public spaces, workshops, bringing in artist collectives, etc. Alex explained that he does have some ideas up his sleeve for the near future. He would like to start another cultural and community project in Oaxaca, Mexico. You can view more of his artwork as well as upcoming projects at and

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