Alphabet Kids Virtual Art Gallery Seeks Young Artists!

N.Y.S. Commissioner of Human Rights Galen Kirkland speaks to children at the Alphabet Kids launch.
The series was created by Allegra Joyce Kassin, a devoted mother of five and grandmother of seven, who was in search of books that highlighted children from all cultures for her own youngest child.The Alphabet Kids Virtual Art Gallery will display drawings by children aged ten and younger from across the country… and the world. “Art is one of the best ways children have of expressing themselves. We believe the Alphabet Kids Virtual Art Gallery will encourage children’s creativity,” says Allegra Joyce Kassin, creator of the Alphabet Kids series.

New Orleans school children creating artwork for Alphabet Kids.

Adds Patrice Samara, co-author of the five books and Alphabet Kids Executive in Charge of Development, “Our series not only encourages tolerance and understanding in a diverse society, it promotes the acceptance of cultural or physical differences. Art is another way to express emotions and can help develop fertile young minds. “ However, with arts education and arts programming agencies being the first to feel the budget axe, more and more students are finding it difficult to get an arts education. The website was designed by Michelle “Mickie” Boggs, who gathered inspiration from her own teaching and media experience and is a valued member of the team.  The Alphabet Kids Virtual Art Gallery will provide an easily accessible venue for parents to celebrate their children’s work. “Young children are uninhibited visionaries when they are given simple directions, guidance and the materials to create. Each child has a unique personality that is matched with just as unique a learning style.  In understanding how different each piece of art work may be, children can learn to understand the special qualities and differences in each other.” stated Krista Jurisich, a professional artist and schoolteacher from New Orleans, LA. Parents are encouraged to submit their children’s artwork via email to be displayed in the Alphabet Kids Virtual Art Gallery. All artwork submitted will be displayed for about 30 days. Each month, the gallery will do a special feature on one child’s drawing. That child will receive an Alphabet Kids Tee shirt and a Certificate of Merit.

Left to right: Alphabet Kids webmaster/illustrator Mickie Boggs, creator Allegra Joyce Kassin,
and co-author Patrice Samara who is the executive in charge of development.

Says Casey Fremont, Director of the Art Production Fund, “Creating art is an opportunity for children (and adults!) to communicate the emotions and ideas that words cannot express.” Committed to social responsibility, Kassin and Samara instituted the “Alphabet Kids Buy One-Give One Literacy Program.” For each book sold, one book will be donated to a child in need. They have also engaged in many community-based educational and charitable activities, including donating school supplies and visiting classes at Edward Hynes Charter School in New Orleans; Producing an Alphabet Kids concert to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and recently taking part in World Read Aloud Day in a cross-cultural videoconference linking children in NYC with students from Ghana that was held at the Hue-Man Bookstore. A special edition Alphabet Kids Music CD is currently in production. 100% of the profits from sales of the CD will be donated to charity.  A nationwide Alphabet Kids tour is planned for 2010-2011.

Allegra Joyce Kassin, Alphabet Kids Creator, Patrice Samara, Co-Author and Exec.
in Charge of Development at the HueMan Bookstore in Harlem, N.Y.C.

About the Team. Allegra Joyce Kassin, creator of the Alphabet Kids Series, is a devoted mother of five and grandmother of seven. With strong belief in multicultural understanding, she brings vision, clarity, continuity and extraordinary leadership to the Alphabet Kids team and advisory committee. She has been engaged in wide ranging philanthropic activities from well being and health to community development and educational enrichment for over thirty years. Patrice Samara, co-author of the Alphabet Kids books, is an Emmy Award-winning producer with over twenty years international expertise in communications and entertainment. She has won over fifty awards for creativity and excellence including two Parent’s Choice Awards and the 2010 Global Citizenship Award for Helping Humanity from Orphans International Worldwide. An NGO representative to the United Nations, she combined her dedication to educational equality and multiculturalism by utilizing her global resources to make the Alphabet Kids unique.


Copies of each of the five titles of the Alphabet Kids series can be purchased on the Alphabet Kids website and through the Hue-Man Bookstore.

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