Author Tina Aldatz to Receive Community Leadership Award from FBI

Tina Aldatz, entrepreneur and successful author

Tina Aldatz, entrepreneur and successful author

There are 56 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) field offices around the country. Each of them relies upon the community they are in for a great deal of support, and each year they choose people from the community who have gone above and beyond to give back to their community. This year, the Los Angeles field office has chosen Tina Aldatz, businesswoman and author, to receive the 10th Annual Director’s Community Leadership Award. She will be presented the award on Friday, April 20, 2018 at the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C.

“As an hispanic female entrepreneur, I know the importance of giving back to your community and helping to make it a better place,” explains Aldatz, author of From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange: Inside the life of a serial entrepreneur. “I have made it part of my life plan to be involved in the community and give back where and when I’m able to. I’m humbled to know that a world class organization such as the FBI has chosen me for this award and are recognizing my efforts.”

The Annual Director’s Community Leadership Award is given out to those selected by the FBI field offices. The people receiving the award have demonstrated outstanding contributions to their local communities through service. It’s the FBI’s way of showing they are grateful for the contributions that the person has made in their community.

Aldatz, who shares her story in the inspiring autobiography “From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange,” grew up poor in a family with five siblings. As a child she survived domestic abuse, as well as burns on her feet from stepping on hot buried coals at the beach. Her father, who was a tailor in prison, had taught her how to sew, which turned out to be a passion of hers. When she entered the workforce, she worked in the fashion field for Victoria’s Secret, where she had to wear designer’s shoes all day. While they may have looked great, they left her sensitive feet in a lot of pain each day, setting her on a quest to find a way to get relief. She used her skills to create a shoe insert for high heels, which turned the light bulb on in her head, sending her down the path of creating a now global company named Foot Petals.

Aldatz has always made it a priority to give back to the community, helping others in a variety of ways. She has helped organizations like Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County, CA, Girls Inc. of Orange County, Make a Wish Foundation and has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Hispanic 100 Mentor Program.

“We all want better communities and we can help make that happen by giving back and volunteering,” added Aldatz. “The role you play in helping your community may seem minor to you, but it could be life changing for others.”

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