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5 Ways Memberships Are Changing Health and Wellness for Everyone

ONTARIO, California – (August 23, 2016) – A common complaint in most households around the country is that health care expenses are out of control, and for some families they are causing problems. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 25 percent of families in the country experience a financial […]

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Benjamin Birdies’ First Flight Soars on Gentle Wings

New York, N.Y. Author Michael Dotsikas’s debut children’s picture book, Benjamin Birdie’s First Flight, is a masterfully written, spirited and beautifully illustrated work that educates as it entertains. It takes you on a journey of discovery, determination, and teamwork. Cover of Benjamin Birdie’s First Flight. Image: courtesy of the author. Benjamin Birdie is a precious young bird who thinks […]

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Resettlement Solutions Needed For Refugees on Manus Island

New York, N.Y. mid news of an agreement to close the Australian immigration detention centre on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today underscored the importance of finding permanent and sustainable resettlement solutions that address the needs of the refugees.                     […]

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Mark West Wines a Winner for National Pinot Noir Day

Courtesy Mark West Wines

Today is “National Pinot Noir Day” so let’s celebrate this tasty varietal, which happens to be my personal favorite. I know there are many other “Pinot People” out there who also adore California wines, so I wanted to mark the occasion by telling you about a few great options from Mark West Wines—a winery known […]

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NY Inner-city Baseball Program Aims to Break Cycle of Poverty

New York, N.Y. Today in East Harlem, there is a diamond. NYC Public Baseball Field. Photo: Beyond My Ken, Wikipedia. Along two of the diamond’s sides, a championship baseball team stands in all its gear. The players, each with a hand to heart and baseball cap removed, look 168 feet in the distance to an American […]

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U.N. Aid Chief Releases $50 Million in Emergency Funds For People in Need

New York, N.Y. The top United Nations relief official released today $50 million for severely underfunded aid operations in six neglected emergencies around the world from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), which supports urgent, life-saving humanitarian responses.                                 […]

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Unified, Whole, and Together as One

The Stonewall Inn, a Greenwich Village bar that had become the core of New York City’s underground gay community. June 28th, 1969, a date remembered as the start of The Stonewall Riots. A year after Stonewall, the first Gay Pride March was held in honor of the riots. Since then, there has been one every […]

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Make Everybody Feel Like Somebody

On Thursday, August 11, 2016, Daniel Fitzpatrick, age 13, died by suicide in his home on Staten Island. He left behind a long message describing bullying at his school and his frustration with the adults whose help he sought. We may not know Danny and never meet his family. We may not know the school […]

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The March for the Pride Parade

The first march took place during the 1970’s after the civil rights movement anniversary. Throughout the years, it had a purpose and took recognition about planning to aid for support. Ever since then, support was expressed throughout the whole nation and the world. Then, all planning about the pride parade happen everywhere around the world. […]

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Nigeria Polio Vaccination Kicks Off in Northeast Amid Insecurity

ABUJA  Nigeria’s health ministry is kicking off a polio vaccination campaign in the northeast, after two fresh cases of the virus were discovered there earlier this month. But the ongoing conflict against Boko Haram may slow down response efforts.                                                                              Photo: CDC Global/Flickr The two new cases in Borno state were discovered within days of […]

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Security Council Passes Protection Force For Mission in South Sudan

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Legendary Folk Singers and Social Justice Advocates to Hold Benefit Concert in NYC

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Youth Can Lead Drive to Set World on Course to a More Sustainable Future