Bank of America Supports ‘Orlando Victims’

Charlotte, N.C. This week outside the Bank of America headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., the bank chose to fly a rainbow flag in honor of those being mourned from the Orlando shooting. Bank of America took to Twitter to honor the victims as well. Bank of America is one of many U.S. companies honoring victims of the  shooting in Orlando, FL.


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Recently, outside the Charlotte headquarters tower, a rainbow flag was placed at half mass on Tuesday afternoon. The rainbow colors are iconic to gay pride.

“Our teammates around the world stand with Orlando in mourning those killed and injured in the attacks,” CEO Brian Moynihan said in a shared conversation.

“We honor the first responders and others who are assisting and saving lives,” CEO Brian Moynihan said. “To our teammates in Orlando, on behalf of our company I thank you for all you are doing to help your community through this difficult time.”

Bank of America conveyed support for the victims on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  The bank also went as far as to change the banks logo to rainbow colors on Tuesday.


Photo:Ludovic Bertron from New York City, U.S.A.|Wikipedia.

Tweet from BofA:


twitter – Bank of America.

We stand with Orlando and all Americans in mourning those killed & injured. We honor all first responders & others assisting & saving lives.

San Francisco based Wells Fargo, the Charlotte presence is strong, has shown support for the victims in Orlando, FL. This was the worst shooting in U.S. history, resulting in the killing of 49 people, as well as wounding more than 50 and counting at a popular gay nightclub.

After the incident, Wells Fargo lit uptown’s Duke Energy Center on South Tryon Street in rainbow colors. The San Francisco based bank owns the tower.

Wells Fargo took to Twitter for support to those affected by the tragedy.

Tweet from Wells Fargo:


twitter – Wells Fargo.

Our hearts go out to the victims and families affected by the tragedy in #Orlando. We stand with you.







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