Beyond Skin: Norm Yip Celebrates LGBTQ Pride with Luce Support

Photography Exhibition Coincides with World Pride Week in NYC

New York, N.Y.  37Tong is pleased to announce the inaugural United States exhibition of “The Asian Male: BEYOND SKIN BY NORM YIP.” The exhibition will view to the public during “World Pride NYC Week” from June 24-30, 2019 at The Untitled Space Gallery, 45 Lispenard Street in Tribeca, New York.

12768569-photography-by-norm-yipBeyond Skin by Norm Yip. Copyright © 2019 Norm Yip.

Beyond Skin by Norm Yip is a photographic journey of identity, acceptance, and beauty. “These works are meant to raise awareness and support of those seeking marriage equality in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) community for World Pride Week,” explained collector and curator James Tong. The exhibition features 25 photographs taken over a 20-year period, dating from 1999 to the present.

The exhibition comes to New York following a successful launch in April at River City Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the first stop for the traveling exhibition, timed to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the riots at the Stonewall Bar, which led to the creation of the gay civil rights movement.

“For the first time, my photography of Asian men will reach a wider international audience” said photographer Norm Yip. “The images tell of my search for acceptance, identity, and beauty. They reveal my desires and longings as a man finding one’s self in the other.”

Jim Luce, president of the J. Luce Foundation, states, “It is with great pride that we partner with our friend Norm Yip, 37TONG|叁拾柒堂, and The Untitled Space Gallery. This exhibition, The Asian Male: Beyond Skin, is important because it so strongly breaks stereotypes and taboos of the Asian male depicting gay love on the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of Stonewall. Simply fantastic!”

“Our family charities are about Raising, Supporting and Educating Young Global Leaders, often in the Arts and Education, and this show is critical for both building bridges and breaking walls,” Jim says. “The Luce family has been active in Asia for hundreds of years and I was an East Asian Studies major studying in part at Waseda University, so I could not be more delighted about this impressive show.”

RCB Gallery in River City, Bangkok exhibition of Beyond Skin by Norm Yip, April - May 2019
RCB Gallery in River City, Bangkok exhibition of Beyond Skin by Norm Yip,
April – May 2019. Copyright © 2019 Norm Yip.


Internationally acclaimed photographer Norm Yip has long been an avid pioneer in the development of fine art Asian male photography. He established “The Asian Male Project,” which, through his lens, presents artistic images and thought-provoking messages. Light and shadow combine with his love for the classical form, culminating in a superb collection of artistically photographic masterpieces. Yip’s fresh outlook has captivated both Asians and Westerners alike.

As a photographer, Norm’s work has appeared in HK Magazine, WHERE, Global Investor and American Express’ Centurion magazine. He has photographed celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Destiny’s Child, Zhang Yimou, and Korean pop-star Rain.


Beyond Skin by Norm Yip is made possible with the support of James Tong, a contemporary art collector who has relationships with many contemporary galleries and artists around the world. Tong founded 37TONG|叁拾柒堂 in 2017 to sponsor and curate LGBT, diversity, and inclusion-related art projects. Tong believes leveraging the soft-power that the art industry offers will further the social movement for understanding and inclusion of the LGBT community.


Five percent of gallery sales will benefit LGBTQ Youth Leadership. The J. Luce Foundation plans to announce a special track to its Young Global Leadership Initiative to provide the next generation of leadership for LGBTQ organizations to continue effectively communicating and organizing on behalf of basic human rights – the right to healthcare, the right to marry whom one loves, the right to life free of discrimination. In addition, this New York-based Foundation is actively working with several LGBTQ institutions to support their young leadership efforts.

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