Business Guru Offers Free Online Seminar to Help Leaders

New York, N.Y. Businesses around the nation need something to help them get past this current pandemic and thrive going forward. One popular book author is offering a free online seminar to give them the motivation and tools they need to do just that.


The online seminar, which will be held May 8, 2020, at noon EST, will give business leaders the insider information on what they need to create a unifying vision, as well as how to leverage the power of it to help their business succeed.

“Right now business leaders feel anxiety about how they are going to lead and help their company succeed beyond this pandemic,” explains Joe Curcillo, popular author, lawyer, business coach and motivational speaker. “The key to making it through this and coming out ahead lies in developing a unifying vision and knowing how to get your team on board with it.”

Curcillo is an expert when it comes to helping business leaders and managers to create an effective unifying vision, and then see it through to success. His book “Getting to Us” goes in-depth, providing information on why a unifying vision is so important, how to formulate one, and how to get one’s team on board with it. Now, he will be offering a free online seminar to provide info to those who need it the most, as they are being burdened with anxiety and stress that the pandemic closures have brought on.

Through the seminar, Curcillo will share with attendees:

  • The importance of having a unified vision and how it can help a company to succeed.
  • How to go about creating a unified vision, including what to avoid and what must be included.
  • How to use your unified vision to motivate employees of all generations, so that they work together for a common goal.
  • How to make working with multiple generations a positive and use it to help the company thrive.
  • How a unifying vision can be used to work with your leaders, teams, and business partners toward reaching your goals.
  • How to use your unifying vision to act more decisively, with less fear and hesitation, as well as with less stress.
  • Learn how to discover your personal superpowers, and cast your team members in the proper roles.
  • Learn how to build a powerful and unstoppable team that will lead your company to success.

“What this free seminar will do is help people to become fully empowered, which will help them move beyond the pandemic and succeed,” added Curcillo. “I’ve spent 30 years working with people and observing what works and doesn’t. My theory on having a unifying vision has helped countless companies, and now I want to give back and help others during this challenging time.”

To reserve your spot for the free online seminar, log onto:

Curcillo’s book has been a popular pick among thousands of business leaders who are using the information to help their business grow and achieve their goals. One area he focuses on is finding effective ways to work with millennials. He offers important tips on being able to bridge the gap between generations in the workplace, as well as advice on how to help keep employees motivated, working efficiently, and creating a team that is driven for success.

Curcillo is called “the mindshark” because he considers himself to be part mind reader and part lawyer. He has spent his life being a trial lawyer, studying how people behave and how they are motivated. Along with being a bestselling author, he also has a popular TED Talk called “The Mobilizing Power of a Unified Vision.” Curcillo is a bestselling author of several books, including “Getting to Us,” “What’s Your Freakin’ Point: Maximize the Impact of Every Word You Speak,” and “Don’t be a Hamster: 30 Tips to Spark the Imagination of Busy People.”

Curcillo has worked with many big companies, including Lear Corporation, the San Francisco Giants, the Philadelphia Phillies, Merrill Lynch, Mohegan Sky, Re/Max, Amway, and Hershey Park. For more information, visit the site at: Those interested in reading “Getting to Us” can purchase it on Amazon: Getting to Us – Amazon. Or, view all of his books at:

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