Can A Leader Be Kind? Can She Not?

N ew York, N.Y. Become a cheerleader; Recognize vulnerability and connect moving forward is how Dr. Eva Ritvo started her luncheon seminar at the Jay Luce Foundation office. The workshop focused on the importance of kindness and compassion in leadership.


Dr. Ritvo is an American television and radio personality, author, and psychiatrist most noted for her work on women’s empowerment issues and self-help books. She is the co-founder of the Bold Beauty Project and the founder of Bekindr. Young Global Leaders interacted with Dr. Eva Ritvo’s,  Bekindr global initiative project on how to become global ambassadors by expression.Kindness is vital, it uplifts us and makes us more optimistic, it encourages us to view humanity with a ray of sunshine. Bekindr tells 64 stories of how the kindness of strangers touched people’s lives, Like Eva herself, her life was moved by a complete strangers kindness a year later.

Our diverse young global leaders also shared their  “Bekindr from a strange experience.” __________ from Uganda, expressed his experience in the refugee camp and how much love and helped he received from strangers in America, Yasmin Walker, shared her hurricane Sandy hardships on how her unknown neighbors came to her family’s aide. Lina Escobar, at age 17 met an 82-year-old man named Joseph, who worked in the UN. His stories and advice were inspiring and thanks to this stranger, Lina states her young mindset changed for the best.

The bold beauty project taught the young global leaders about neuroplasticity, uniqueness, and greatness. Kindness is a quality that we all have which can be practiced through repetitive loving actions reinforcing emotions, as Dr. Ritvo said, “no one is disabled, we are just simply differently abled.” Remember that the universe buries jewels within us all, it is up to us to dig and share, to comunícate and expose. The only way to grow is through harmony. When we align in harmony with our authentic selves, we become accepting and Kindr.

Lina Escobar
Studied neuro-muscular studies at Staten Island College. Lina Escobar, is a member of the J. Luce Foundation Global Leadership Initiative. She is originally from Palmira, Colombia. When Lina-attended BMCC, she was the first person to open a branch Lions Club. “MiraVe”, Lions Branch Club provided breakfast to underprivileged children in her hometown. From reading to the elderly, volunteering in the ER department ,and planting 5,000 pine trees in Marine Park, writing collaborations with Colombian writers and directors have been rendered through a program provided by the embassy of Colombia in New York.

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