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5 Crucial Things that Separate a Veteran-Owned Small Business from the Conglomerates

According to the Small Business Administration, there are around 3.7 million veteran-owned businesses in the country, averaging yearly receipts of around $450,000. Compared with the billions that many of the conglomerates earn each year in the pet food industry, it makes many people wonder how a small veteran-owned pet food company can survive. But when […]

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How One Man Went from Homeless to Successful Entrepreneur

Joe Pippins, founder of The Fishing Caddy, went from homeless to successful entrepreneur and won the competition on the Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME show OLATHE, KANSAS –The National Alliance to End Homelessness reports that there are over 564,000 homeless people living on the streets of America. The last place that most people would assume they would […]

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‘Pay-for-Pounds’ Contests Prompting Workplace Weight Loss

Courtesy of HealthyWage

:::Four Key Marketing Strategies Helping Business Groups of all Sizes ‘Diet for Dollars’ to Boost Bottom Lines as Innovative Workplace Wellness Approach::: While the modern-day workplace is rife with technology and other advancements that have made it more efficient, productive and profitable from a business standpoint, it seems much of that progress is having an […]

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Veteran Earns “Most Trusted Pet Foods Company” Award 4th Year in a Row

NEW YORK, New York – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, households around the country have a collective 218 million pets, not counting several million fish. On average, a family spends around $500 per year on their pet for food, supplies, and veterinary care. Pet food is an issue that takes center stage, since […]

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Five Reasons to Seek Out and Support Veteran Owned Businesses

New York, N.Y. Most people don’t give much thought to who owns a lot of the businesses in their area. They go about their day, picking up things here and there, and not giving much thought to the entrepreneur behind the business name. Some of the businesses that people pass by each day may be owned […]

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Former Prisoner of War Joins Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Honorary Advisory Board

Boulder Crest Retreat for Military Veteran Wellness announces that Captain Charlie Plumb, U.S. Navy (retired), joins their honorary advisory board. Captain Plumb graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and went on to fly the F-4 Phantom jet on 74 successful combat missions over Vietnam. On his 75th mission, with only five days before he […]

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AUDIO INTERVIEW: NBA Pro Turned MedDevice Developer Jonathan Bender on Career Rebound

Courtesy JB3 Innovations

After entering the NBA in 1999 as the number five overall draft pick, Jonathan Bender soon realized that a painful growth spurt he suffered during childhood was haunting him. Desperate to take pressure off his knees, he engineered his own apparatus using a few supplies he picked up at a drugstore. Through trial and error, […]

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VIPs Share Secrets of Success at Entrepreneurship Summit

New York, N.Y.  Hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the world have gathered in California for their chance at access to important policymakers, investors and people who have already accomplished on grand scales what they are trying to do. President Obama in his message to entrepreneurs at the GES 2016 Photo: 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit / Facebook […]

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Conquering the Con: How Seniors Can Avoid Being Swindled and Scammed

7 Reasons Why Grandparents are Turning to Diamond Investments

First of 33,000 Congolese Refugees Relocated to New Settlement in Angola – UN Agency

Education Activist Malala Yousafzai to Study at Oxford

UN Rights Chief Urges Kenyan Leaders to Act Responsibly, Avoid Further Violence

‘Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism or Islamophobia are Poisoning Our Societies’ – UN chief