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Ways to Achieve a Positive Mindset and How it Will Help You Succeed

A positive mindset helps people make the best choices and decisions for themselves, their jobs, and those around them. Learning to practice having a positive mindset also fosters a strong relationship with yourself and others as it relies on engaging in and maturing your internal dialogue. It helps in building resilience, creating a positive and optimistic attitude […]

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Itou Yuko who Raised my Daughter: “Heart of Compassion”

New York, N.Y.  There is one person in my life who is incredibly grateful forever. Yuko Ito who raised my only daughter, Reiko. My mother sent Yuko to America for expecting date of July 4, 1969. Yuko  graduated from the Department of Japanese Literature at Japan Women’s University and My Mother arranged for me for […]

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Gentle Mugi’s Vet said, “He Can Only Live a Few More Days”

New York, N.Y. There is a dog called Mugi that Keiko Aoki really loves very much. The first Mugi-chan died when Rocky Aoki was still alive. So the next day, Rocky said to Keiko, “I’ll bring you the same one.” The second Mugi-chan  was a  Wheaton Terrier male, and it wasn’t a female like Mugi-chan before. […]

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Can You Become an Astronaut? WonderWorks Orlando to Open New Exhibit for National STEM Day

November 8, 2020, is National STEM Day. This annual celebration of STEM, the acronym for science, technology, engineering and math, draws attention to STEM and the importance of STEM education. Wonderworks Orlando will use this day to launch a new exhibit on STEM careers called I Think, therefore I STEM, highlighting specific STEM jobs and […]

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Remembering White House Dinner with Trump and Gorbachev, 1987

Washington, D.C. I have been busy editing and publishing books as I took a break from this column due to Corona. This column has been published in English and Japanese with the kindness of NY Biz. And now I will continue this column for a while, thank you. In December 1987, President Mikhail Gorbachev of […]

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From Jamaica: Young Global Leaders Create New Global Perspective

Kingston, Jamaica. Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal, while global leadership has been defined as “being capable of operating effectively in a global environment while being respectful of cultural diversity” (Harris, Moran, & Moran, 2004 p.25).  Over the years, there has been an increasing need […]

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From Jamaica: Struggle as Motivation to Impact World

Oshane V. Richards  2020 Luce 24 Under 24 Award Recipient Caribbean Maritime University To provide an environment through which all aspects of youth development can be maximized and actualized, thus influencing and mentoring young men and women to become well rounded and committed to life-long development. Aiming to enrich the experience that fosters growth through […]

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Maxwell Bennett on Malala Yousafzai and School Shootings

Maxwell Lake Bennett, 2020 Luce 24 Under 24 Award Recipient Patrick Henry College New York, N.Y. What makes something necessary? When I say necessary, I do not mean that something is merely beneficial, pleasant, or helpful. When we say necessary, we speak regarding a need. Needs are not something that oscillate like most desires do. For […]

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