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The Difference Between Compassion and Pity

The Difference Between Compassion and Pity: Volunteering after Japan’s Earthquake & Tsunami (Part 2) New York, N.Y. During my stay in the disaster area, I had been praying for the Dalai Lama to come to Japan. To my surprise, when I returned to Tokyo, he arrived to Japan on April 29th, the most important day […]

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Volunteering after Japan’s Earthquake & Tsunami (Part A)

New York, N.Y. I volunteered in the Great Northeastern Japan Earthquake disaster area through April 2011. The area was far more devastated than what could be seen on TV. Although I had volunteered in other disasters, nothing prepared me for the enormity of this: it seemed as if Japan was reliving World War II. Whenever […]

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Pandemic First Person: Already One Week (Part B)

New York, N.Y. I stayed home for another week. Now I have a lot of reading time and I am spending at least four hours a day meditating as if I was at the meditation dojo. I also go for walks in the park, moving in the sun. My life is luxurious, thanks to the […]

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With Wonderful Tibetan Orphans, Reflecting on How I Got Here

Tawang, India. Twenty-five years ago, I stumbled upon a ten-month old infant in Indonesia who would change the direction of my life: my son, Mathew James Tendean Luce. With incredible Tibetan orphans, high up in the Himalayas on the Bhutan/China border at Manjushree. Photo: Stewardship Report. My mother, a child psychologist in Boston, encouraged me to […]

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Shock of a Lifetime – My Dream Fulfilled Under the Buddha Tree

Bihar, India. I began working ‘in the field,’ out of New York in developing countries, in 1999. Never in two decades of helping humanity have I been more shocked that I was this week. On a tour of an important site, I was directed to notice a sign on the side of the road. It […]

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The Story of Visiting the Manjushree Orphanage Again (A)

Children Are All Precious Gifts from Space  NOV 2 New York, N.Y.  It was a great pleasure to be able to visit the Manjushree Orphanage again in the village of Tawan on this trip to India. This village is located in the middle of the Himalayas, and after arriving at the nearest airport (Guwahati), change to […]

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama: Chinese Invasion of Tibet (Part A)

New York, N.Y. “Invasion of China begins around 1950”   OCT. 19. 2019 I met H.H. Dalai Lama last month. I was the first Japanese person to be loved by His Majesty the Dalai Lama. I’ve met every year since 1971. The reason for this was that I was interested in Tibetan folk operas and had […]

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Memories of Professor Oki Masahiro, Yoga Master (Part B)

New York, N.Y. Teachings of Professor Oki who should live in Japan forever When you go to the Oki yoga course, you will be taught the idea of “immediate god of life.” The idea is that our lifeFORCE is God. Also, there were five important things ASPECTS taught in the story of Professor Masahiro Oki = […]

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