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“Our America” – Exploring U.S. History Through One Family’s Eye

New York, N.Y. This column, written by several including Molly Luce Larkin, focuses on American history through the eyes of one family. In 2010, Jim Luce wrote in the Huffington Post, Mayflower Roots – and a Metrocard – Get One on the Subway. In this piece, he began to explore the impact of Brahmin roots in today’s […]

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Our Ninth Great Grandfather Co-Founded Harvard University

New York, N.Y. Sir Thomas Dudley, the third Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, and our ninth great-grandfather, signed the charter to establish Harvard on May 30, 1650 – making it the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. Sir Thomas Dudley, 3rd, 7th, 11th, and 14th Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and first resident […]

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Our Ancestor Frances Elizabeth Alcock & The Salem Witches Trial

New York, N.Y. Voluntary indentured servitude in the early American Colonies was the prominent system of labor until replaced by slavery. Nearly half of total white immigration to the Thirteen Colonies came under indenture. In 1638, at the age of 26,our ninth great-grandmother Frances Elizabeth Alcock left England on the ship Bevis as a servant to the Richard Dummer family. […]

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In Early New England, Our Ancestor Fought Pequot Warriors

New York, N.Y. In May of 1824, in the Upstate New York village of Bath, our third great-grandmother Caroline Bull married Thomas Jefferson Dudley – whose own third great-grandfather had been Thomas Dudley, Third Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony and signer of the Harvard Charter. The ship Hopewell carrying one of our ancestors followed the Winthrop […]

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1763: Jacob Alleman Family Killed by Indian Warriors

New York, N.Y. Although most of our ancestors came from the British Isles, every now and then I find some who had come to the American Colonies from the European Continent. Your 7th great-grandfather, Jacob Alleman, is one of these. He was born and raised in Alsace-Lorraine, a region that borders France, Germany & Switzerland. It […]

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DRAFT: Richard Warren, Lieutenant on the Mayflower

Richard Warren, Lieutenant on the Mayflower Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor by William Halsall (1882). Richard Warren (1580-1628) begat Nathaniel Warren (1624-1667) begat Mercy Warren (1658-1727) begat Jabez Delano Sr. (1682-1735) begat Jabez Delano Jr. (1723-1811) begat Jabez Delano III (1758-1817) begat James Delano (1789-1876) Sophia Mathilda Delano Luce (1830-1913) begat Frank Leonard Luce (1868-1939) Stanford […]

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DRAFT: Gov. Thomas Dudley, Third Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony

Thomas Dudley (October 12, 1576 – July 31, 1653) was a colonial magistrate who served several terms as governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, during which he sometimes clashed with his rival John Winthrop. Dudley was the chief founder of Newtowne, later Cambridge, Massachusetts, and built the town’s first home. As Governor, Dudley signed the […]

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