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Single Mom Traveling: Costa Rica

New York, NY. When my daughter Natalia was first born her dad decided to leave us and I was instantly assigned the dreaded title of “single mom.” I would sit in bed breastfeeding my helpless little newborn, my adorable little proof of love and I would daydream. I would daydream about my travels and my […]

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Jean-Claude Duvalier: His Place in Haitian History

Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  On January 16, 2011, Jean-Claude Duvalier – Bébé Doc  Doc – shocked the world by returning to the country he had tortured 25 years earlier.   I had half expected Jean-Bertrand Aristide to return in the political turmoil, but it never crossed my mind baby Doc would.   How could he return?  Under Duvalier’s presidency, thousands […]

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Southern Sudan: The Price of Separation

New York, NY. This week marks a historic referendum in which the people of Southern Sudan cast their votes to determine whether to secede from the North, likely becoming Africa’s newest independent nation. The date for this referendum was set six years ago, during the signing of a comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) ending a 22-year […]

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Peter Yarrow on Phil Ochs: "I Ain’t Marching Anymore"

New York, NY. A performer and song that had an enormous impact on my life beginning in junior high school. The text was my speech at one of my speech contests as the Vietnam War drew on. My friend Peter Yarrow sent out the following note to his friends today following a review of the […]

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Returning to Myanmar to See Inlay Lake

Yangoon, Myanmar. Flying into Yangon I was full of apprehension, would it be as welcoming, the people as kind, the streets as safe as the last time? I had returned to Myanmar, formally Burma, to see Inlay Lake which I had missed visiting thirteen years earlier. I was expecting some changes but not the throngs […]

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Voices from Haiti: Jean Fédris Auguste – My Life

Léogâne, Haiti. In life, everybody has an history, an ideal — and sometimes even leadership potential. Everyone must contribute to their own neighborhood development.   Here, in post-earthquake Haiti, I’m doing my best to follow these steps. Let me share my experiences with you and tell you about my own life. My name is Jean Fedris […]

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The Dichotomy of Haiti: Hell Meets, well, Heaven

New York, NY. The images from Haiti before the earthquake were dismal. ‘Poorest in the Western Hemisphere,’ we heard again and again. Post-quake reporting has seemed to focus on Dante’s Inferno. Haiti had been a God-forsaken land due to the greed first of its colonizers and then its own leaders for centuries. Land of Destruction […]

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Viewpoint: My Sister, A Statistic of Shame

Denpasar, Bali. If you google ”˜Christine Jehle Kim,’ you will not find that she was a mother of two who had just been accepted into medical school –or, if things had been different: that she was a mother of three graduated from medical school.   But what you will find is that she was memorialized on […]

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