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Sri Lankan & Buddhist Perspectives on Women’s Advancement

  New York, NY. This year marks an important landmark for us.   It is the tenth anniversary of making the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) commitments, which had set clear and overarching targets to ensure, inter alia, the welfare of women and children.   It is also the tenth anniversary of the adoption of the U.N. Security […]

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Henry Stokes, Quaker Volunteer Medic in Caves of Yenan

New York, NY. Perhaps the grandest relative I ever had was neither a Luce nor a Dudley.   He joined our family as my regal aunt Elizabeth’s second husband.   I would sit by him, mesmerized, at the South Shore Boston home my grandfather built in the 1940’s as he regaled me with tales of his volunteer […]

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Connectivity Is Key To Social Change

New York, NY. Approaching my 24th trip to Haiti in 12 years, just before the first anniversary of the earthquake, I have decided to call Haiti home for a while. I am able to do so because I am connected – not only to the Web, but to so very many people in Haiti and […]

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U.S. to American Muslims: Please Sit at the Back of the Bus

New York, NY. Islamophobia is growing in the United States. Hate graffiti is now discoloring my own building here in New York City — calling for the Holy Quran to be burned. The publicity-hungry Terry Jones in Gainesville could be discounted if he did not have his finger on the pulse of America. But the […]

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Let Us Not Waste The Limited Number of Hours We Have Left

New York, NY. 9/11 brings back haunting memories. Having buried by brother and mother almost back-to-back just before 9/11, losing all three of my life-long mentors over the passing years, and recently burying my father and step-mother, death to me is no longer a stranger. My grasp of our human fragility stems from watching the […]

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My Parents’ Wedding Announcement in the New York Times

Boston, MA. My mother’s wedding announcement, “Nuptials are Held for Miss Alleman,” in the New York Times, Sunday, August 31, 1947. See: My Parents’ Engagement Announcement in the New York Times. Tweet

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Trip to Haiti #22: Some Changes at Bottom, Same Old Stuff at Top

Leogane, Haiti. My 22nd trip to Haiti since 2001, the third since the earthquake of January 12. Probably over 250,000 dead more than six months ago. The exact figure is unknown as this is Haiti. Beautiful countryside. Proud people. A nation that does not work. A failed state. More than half of Haitians remain in […]

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