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Two Major Haiti Relief Benefits at NYC's Historic Webster Hall

For the Medecins Sans Frontieres event, a huge life-like projection will be positioned on Webster Hall’s exterior wall to showcase the live video of the fundraiser itself as well as a live Twitter feed. The Doctors Without Borders (MSF) video will be on USTREAM for all to observe. Anyone passing by the intersection of Third […]

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No Word Yet From Our Orphaned Children in Haiti

Inspecting the new OI Haiti Community Center to be funded in part by the Monaco Red Cross. This type of cement construction sadly is most vulnerable in a massive earthquake. Emmet continued: Jacmel is a disaster zone. Many houses have collapsed or are severely damaged. Everyone was on the streets when I got to town. […]

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Irina Moin: Wanting To Be A Voice For Ukrainian-Americans in New York

Queens, N.Y.  I had to learn about endurance early on in life.  I was born in Ukraine at a turbulent time in the history of Eastern Europe.  Before I had time to say my first word, I was already half way around the world in New York – escaping the corruption of the former Soviet […]

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Doffie Rotter of CT Builds a Library – For Orphans – In Kabul, Afghanistan

Hartford, CT.  I met retired psychology professor Doffie Rotter recently in Connecticut.  She sponsors ten children in Afghanistan through CharityHelp International (CHI).  Doffie has also founded a beautiful library for orphans in Kabul, which may be viewed on YouTube. Doffie Rotter in Connecticut sponsors ten children in Afghanistan through CHI. Andeisha Farid, the founder of […]

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Dr. Judy on Trauma of Disasters – like Haitian Earthquake

Dr. Judy Kuriansky trained local Boy Scouts to be “comforters”in the wake of the earthquake that recently destroyed Haiti. The patients were also grateful that anyone cared to talk to them. These helpers are now recruiting other youth and training them in the techniques they learned from Dr. Kuriansky. Known globally as “Dr. Judy,” she […]

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New York, N.Y.  “The U.N. simply does not have adequate support of the world powers,” Juan E. Mendez told me. Coming from anyone, this might be less important.  From a man who has led the most important human rights agencies in the world, I listened very carefully to what he had to say. Originally from […]

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Department of Ed Discriminated Against Debbie Almontaser

Brooklyn, N.Y.  The paper I love to hate, The New York Post, shouted: “City Principal Is Revolting: Tied To ‘Intifada NYC’ Shirts.”  Do you remember? The summer of 2007. A group of fanatics insisted that T-shirts with the word “Intifada,” sold at an Arab Heritage event in Brooklyn, were linked to the principal of the Khalil Gibran […]

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Live Report: No Spiders to Bite Me in My Pre-Dawn Haitian Shower

Team members Keiko Tsuyama and Evens Anozine speak on local radio from their tent. As founder of Orphans International Worldwide (OIWW), I have been here in Haiti to deal with children many times in the last decade.  I was here after the 2004 flooding in Mapou, 31 miles southeast of Port-au-Prince, and then in Gonaives […]

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