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Bill Clinton: Elder Statesman to the World

New York, N.Y. I first met Bill and Hillary Clinton at the New York Hilton when Bill was running for president for the first time in 1992.  I liked him but I was more impressed with her.  He went on to be president, and she overcame charges of carpet-bagging to become New York’s senator. I […]

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The Tsunami Arrives, OI Sumatera Begins

“The enormous scale of this disaster precludes any one organization or government from stabilizing the situation,” stated one OI America former board member so eloquently in our February 2005 InterNews. However, if every NGO on the ground there could assist to their maximum capacity, it would alleviate much suffering and despair.” In Aceh, Sumatera, Indonesia […]

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Essay: Busy Lives Crossing in Busy Airports – Dr. Jean Pape

 Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Dr. Jean Pape is known internationally for his skill and knowledge regarding HIV disease in Haiti, and also his know-how in distributing antiretroviral medications in a country with no infrastructure. I had read about him several times in the New York Times. At a board meeting in Port-au-Prince we discussed a medical screening […]

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The Best of My Library: Top Twelve


I reviewed this novel in the Huffington Post: Jules Verne’s Kip Brothers Translated into English after 100. The reason I am partial to it was that it was translated by my own father, Stanford Leonard Luce, before his death. The Mighty Orinoco Jules Verne Wesleyan, 2003 9780819565112 Funny Boy Shyam Selvadurai Harvest Books, 1997 9780156005005 Why the Cocks […]

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Riding the Tiger: The Creation of OI Worldwide

OIWW strives to accomplish this goal by adhering to the vision of small family homes made up of four to six children, raised under the guidance and support of one or two houseparents representing a family unit until they are adults. The hope is to raise children who understand differences from childhood, who strive to […]

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Viewpoint: Stress on Liberal Education for Orphaned Children

The childen of OI Haiti in their school uniforms. A Strong Faculty. Science, music, theater, English, Indonesian, history, geography, math, economics, anthropology, and psychology will be required, preparing our students for college majors related to medicine, law, seminary, business, the arts, the humanities, or the social sciences. The purpose is to combine both the classical […]

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Eyewitness: Growing Up Internationally – in Ohio


New York, N.Y.  I grew up internationally – in Ohio.  I was born in the last few months of the 1950’s and although I grew up in the United States, my perspective has always been international. My earliest education was in France where I attended kindergarten the year my father was on sabbatical, teaching at […]

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The Rotary International Connection

I have visited with Rotary clubs in Indonesia and Africa. In high school, I considered being a Rotary exchange student, but decided that I would be an American Field Service exchange student, as my grandfather had been one of the ambulance drivers on the fields of France during World War I, and they had created […]

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