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Israel, India Sign Several Agreements During Modi’s Visit

  New York, N.Y. Israel and India signed several agreements on cooperation in the fields of technology, water, and agriculture Wednesday, the second day of a landmark visit by the Indian prime minister to the Jewish state. The cooperation marks a “marriage made in heaven,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking alongside his Indian […]

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Art Meets Technology, as New Yorkers Meet Refugees

New York, N.Y. “Hello, how are you?” came the slightly distorted voice of a 17-year-old girl wearing a white headscarf and gray jeans. Her name is Zab, and she lives among more than 79,000 other displaced Syrians at Zaatari refugee camp in northern Jordan. Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan. Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office/Flickr. She spoke very good […]

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Good News: ‘Justice’ and ‘Joy’ Dominate 2015 Twitter Hashtags

Washington, D.C.  As major news events grab international attention, social media has become the new sounding board for the world. And Twitter, with its 320 million monthly users, was the medium favored to quickly spread a story across the globe. A collection of photos from topics that trended on Twitter in 2015, along with some […]

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HuffPo and Daily Kos Help Carry My Thoughts to the World

I cannot claim mush credit for my progressive sentiments as it was my parents who rebelled against our family’s conservatism.  I was raised by a father dedicated to ending the Vietnam War and building housing for the poor and a mother who was an advocate for Civil Rights.  A professor and a child psychologist – […]

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Skype Interview with Josh Silverman on Haiti and Bettering Humanity

Luxembourg,LX. As you probably know, the multilingual, cross-platform Voice over Internet Protocol, instant messaging, and videoconferencing sensation known as Skype is a software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet. Calls to other users within Skype are free, while calls to both traditional landline telephones and mobile phones can be made […]

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The Impact of Cell Phones on Psychology, Community, Culture, Arts & Economics

New York, N.Y.  To harness power, one must first acknowledge power. To some people, the ubiquitous cell phone is still ‘just’ a phone.  To others, it is so much more. It is the world in the palm of their hand – literally.  But challenges lie ahead. As cell phones have become an integral part of […]

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C.E.O. Brooke Partridge Helps Lead Technology Thought in Developing World

New York, N.Y. Despite our best efforts to meet in Barcelona, at the GSM World Congress, with 49,000 participants spread between 1,300 vendors, C.E.O. Brooke Partridge and I missed each other. We succeeded in connecting between New York and Palo Alto by phone a week later. It had been my impression that she was someone I had to interview, […]

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Son of Immigrants Pursues American Dream as well as Education Equity

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