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NEH Funds Native American Cultural Projects

New York, N.Y. While the northern and southern U.S. states were engaged the civil war of the 1860s, a smaller war was playing out in the American southwest between the U.S. Army and the Mescalero Apache and Navajo peoples. Between 1864 and 1866, soldiers forced tens of thousands of men, women, and children along the […]

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Native American Pow Wows Celebrate Patriotism, Unity

  New York, N.Y.  It’s pow wow season in the United States, a time when Native American nations, bands and tribes gather to connect, celebrate tribal histories and cultures, and express their patriotism. On any given weekend this summer, a pow wow is taking place somewhere in the country, an expression of unity within and […]

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Cultural Agency Inscribes 12 Sites on World Heritage List

New York, N.Y. From a national park to a fossil site and a naval dockyard, the United Nations cultural agency today inscribed 12 new sites of special cultural or physical significance on its World Heritage List. Chapelle notre-Dame du Haut, View from the outside altar Copyright: © FLC/ADAGP The new sites added to the list […]

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Kerry in Moscow Seeking Russian Cooperation in Syria

Moscow, Russia, John Kerry is visiting Moscow in an effort to secure Russian cooperation in anti-terror operations in Syria, despite a breakdown in U.S.-Russia relations over Ukraine, NATO and other issues that have left both sides simmering with distrust. The secretary of state’s two days of talks with the Russians are formally expected to touch […]

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U.N. Agencies Team Up To Protect Culture With Geo-Spatial Technology

New York, N.Y. Two United Nations agencies have signed an agreement to protect cultural and natural heritage sites by using the latest geo-spatial technologies, including a satellite imaging system. Destruction shown in April 2016 at the World Heritage site of Palmyra in Syria. Photo: ©UNESCO The strategic partnership between the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural […]

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Think Nationally, Act Locally

New York, N.Y. We’ve reached the eye of the storm of 2016’s often turbulent, sometimes downright outrageous, and thoroughly unpredictable presidential race. On one side, a billionaire real estate and entertainment magnate is sitting not-so-pretty as the presumptive nominee for a party that has yet to fully accept his proposed methods of making America “great” […]

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From a Luce Leader: Learn to Talk Like an “Aussie” or “Brit”

Greenwich, CT. Although American travelers often visit Australia and England assuming their language will be precisely the same, this is not actually the case. In fact, after traveling to Australia this summer and England last summer, I discovered a number of inconsistencies in diction and dialect. It thus became apparent to me that although our […]

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Economic, Racial & Religious Diversity on Roosevelt Island

New York, N.Y.  May is the month of diversity and there is no better place to celebrate this than the community on Roosevelt Island in New York City. There are people from all over the cultural and economic spectrum that call the island home. There’s something quite remarkable about Roosevelt Island and the way it […]

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