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1934 Chinese Film, The Goddess 神女, Features Prostitute

New York, N.Y.  The film The Goddess (神女 ),is a 1934 Chinese film by Wu Yonggang. This movie or image from a movie is now in the public domain because its term of copyright has expired in Mainland China, Macau, and Taiwan. The Goddess (Chinese: 神女; pinyin: Shénnǚ) is a 1934 Chinese silent film released by the Lianhua Film Company (United Photoplay). It starred Ruan Lingyu in one of her […]

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Film ‘Summer in the Forest’ Challenging Stigmas

New York, N.Y.  Like countless others Philippe, Michel, Andre and Patrick were labeled ‘idiots’, locked away and forgotten in violent asylums, until the 1960s, when the young philosopher Jean Vanier took a stand and secured their release – the first time in history that anyone had beaten the system. Together they created L’Arche, a commune at […]

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New Bollywood Film About Rural Innovator Spotlights Menstruation

New York, N.Y. Bollywood is highlighting the issue of menstrual hygiene in a new comedy-drama that aims to break taboos around sanitary pads. Pad Man is inspired by a rural welder in southern India, Arunachalam Muruganantham, who devoted 20 years of his life to creating a machine which made low-cost sanitary pads. Actor Akshay Kumar […]

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Memories of Thanksgiving at Standing Rock

This holiday brings back painful memories. One year ago, I witnessed a militarized assault on peaceful protestors at Standing Rock. Unarmed Native and non-Native people were sprayed with high-pressure water hoses in below freezing temperatures, shot with rubber bullets, tear gas, and flash grenades. There were sound cannons and low-flying surveillance aircraft. It was a war […]

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Bollywood Action Star Ajay Devgn Triple Roles in Incredible “Shivaay”

New York, N.Y.  This weekend, Hindus all over the world will celebrate Diwali, the Indian New Year signifying the triumph of good over evil. Also this weekend, Bollywood action star Ajay Devgn will celebrate the release of his most ambitious project to date – “Shivaay” – a film in which he has a triple role… […]

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Ugandan-Indian Filmmaker Mira Nair – Brilliant Thought Leader

New York, N.Y. I braved freezing weather recently to hear Mira Nair speak at the President’s Forum at the Upper East Side’s Asia Society (video).  It crossed my mind that I could write a story on her work. I failed to grasp her work – as both a humanitarian and a filmmaker – was so vast it […]

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Bollywood Icons Ajay Devgn & Kajol Promote “Shivaay” in Four U.S. Cities

New York, N.Y. New York City, Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco residents will roll out the red carpet THIS WEEK to welcome Bollywood power couple, Ajay Devgn and Kajol, who will be in the U.S. to promote Devgn’s upcoming action thriller “Shivaay.” This is Devgn’s second directorial venture, and he has also produced and acted in the film, the trailer of which has […]

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Immigration, Ambition, Identity Shape Film Miss India America

“If you’re not the best, you’re one of the rest!”
– Lily Prasad, Miss India America

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