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Dasol Kim Makes New York Premiere on Stage at Merkin Concert Hall

New York, N.Y. I have been writing about the Young Concert Artists (YCA) since my profile of its inspired and legendary founder Susan Wadsworth in 2010 (Wikipedia). Although I have written about the gifted performers of YCA for almost a decade, covering the debut New York performances of such talent as Hahn-Bin, Caroline Goulding, Raphaël Sévère, Aleksandr Haskin, Jeanine de […]

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Photo of the Day – Nov. 11, 2016

Peace Bell Ceremony in Observance of International Peace Day Young musical performers during the annual Peace Bell Ceremony held at UN headquarters in observance of the International Day of Peace (21 September). lll Ceremonia de la Campana de la Paz en Respeto del Día Internacional de la Paz Jóvenes intérpretes musicales durante la ceremonia anual […]

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In NYC: Songs of Peter, Paul & Mary to be Performed by Peter & Paul

New York, N.Y. Blowin’ in the Wind. Where Have all the Flowers Gone? If I had a Hammer. Puff the Magic Dragon. Are you singing along? Do you have a glorious picture in your mind of Peter Paul and Mary singing at the March on Washington? On Jack Benny? At countless rallies for social justice? […]

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In New York, Yun-Chin Zhou Seduces Zankel Hall Audience

New York, N.Y.  Last week I attended the Peter Marino Concert opening the 54th Young Concert Artists Series at Carnegie’s Zankel Hall. I was prepared to hear an excellent pianist. It turned out that Yun-Chin Zhou was far and beyond anyone I have heard in many years: an original character, insightful musicianship, breathtaking technique, and best […]

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(Le) Poisson Rouge Moves NYC Classical Culture Into Future

David Handler, Justin Cantor, Kendel Ratley,, Jim Luce On Thought Leaders and Global Citizens (Le) Poisson Rouge, Once The Village Gate, Moves NYC Classical Culture Into the Future   Greenwich Village, NY. What struck me when I watched the play and then movie Amadeus years ago was that Wolfgang Mozart was […]

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SAMAA Dedicated to Keeping Indian Classical Music Alive

New York, N.Y.  Preserving the classics is a noble endeavor.  Jazz, for example, is an original American music art form that once dominated the airwaves, dance halls, and nightclubs of an earlier generation.  Today, this once popular music is relegated to small ensembles at intimate gatherings.  I admire and applaud the tireless efforts of people, […]

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One Year Ago: Operatic Incubator Celebrates Excellence

New York, N.Y.  In the opulent setting of the Grand Ball Room of the Essex House, several hundred glitterati gathered to toast the leadership of David Bender and Barbara Meister Bender — and bask in the musical brilliance of 10 years of operatic talent.  One decade old, the non-profit organization they founded, Career Bridges, already […]

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Segal and Sissoko Create Harmony from Diverse Music Traditions

New York, N.Y. Music has the ability to bridge diverse cultures. That was powerfully on display recently at the Florence Gould Hall Theater in Manhattan.  Malian Ballaké Sissoko and Frenchman Vincent Segal are in many ways worlds apart. But on stage, the two musicians found harmony. Sissoko, a master of the kora (21-stringed harp-lute), joined Segal, a classically […]

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May is National Mobility Awareness Month, there are things people can do to help those with challenges

Young Global Leadership Summer Initiative 2018 Applications Closing

Fab Fare and Frivolity at Barton G Los Angeles

Photo Courtesy of Barton G

STK LA a Must Do-or-Dine Destination

Photo Courtesy of STK Los Angeles

Stay and Play at Jamaica Bay Inn Marina del Rey

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North Italia Santa Monica Founded on Food with Integrity

Courtesy North Italia/Fox Restaurant Concepts