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Life in Progress: Sylvie Guillem at New York City Center

New York, N.Y.  A rattling sound punctures the dark, then the rumble of thunder. Light, subtle but growing, caresses a twisted metallic tree. Something moves in the dark, a presence sensed before the eye can quite pick it out. The figure scuttles into view, edging around the moon-like circle of light framing the tree as […]

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Urban Mythology: Kizuna Dance at Ailey Theater

New York, N.Y.  Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing an up-and-coming contemporary dance company present new work at The Ailey Citigroup Theater. The event was Urban Mythology (presented by The Rogue Dancers) and the company was Kizuna Dance, the artistic brainchild of choreographer Cameron McKinney. Using Loft technique, a style created by McKinney, the […]

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Jonathan Hollander’s Battery Dance Company 38 Years Later

New York, N.Y.  I’ve always considered myself fortunate to meet the people who are doing big things—positively impacting lives in meaningful ways.  Recently I met a kindred spirit, Jonathan Hollander, founder and director of Battery Dance Company.  His lower Manhattan-based dance company demonstrates the tremendous public good that the arts can contribute to society.  He […]

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