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From Model to Monk, a Spiritual Journey into Tibetan Buddhism

New York, N.Y. Residing in New York while maintaining an opulent lifestyle is a dream many can only hope for, however, for this young woman it became a reality. Aria Das, New York fashion model and icon, although clearly thriving in the city, quickly realized there was life beyond the glitz and glamours of NYC. […]

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Mongols Journey to America, Landing in New Jersey, 1951

By Naran’s Daughter. Howell, N.J. The Kalmyk-Mongols’ arrival to the Freewood Acres subdivision of Howell Township in the winter of 1951-52 is a storybook ending to a communal odyssey begun nearly four centuries earlier from the heart of Inner Asia. Political upheavals throughout East and Central Asia at the start of the 17th century caused the […]

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Next Generation Leadership for Dalai Lama’s First U.S. Temple

Howell, N.J. The year I was born, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama escaped the Chinese occupation, crossing over into India on a two-week trek to find refuge in India. Then only 23, he disguised himself as a soldier and slipped through the crowds outside the palace in Lhasa he’d never see again. With the help of the […]

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Invitation to Dalai Lama’s 81st Birthday Celebration in NYC

New York, N.Y. On July 6th 2016, His Holiness the Dalai Lama turns 81 years old… We all recall very beautiful and joyous occasion of 80 years birthday last year!! When anyone lives over 80 years,  for such a long  and meaningful life of   peace and compassion for all of us on this planet, We should celebrate […]

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Model to Monk: A Woman’s Journey into Tibetan Buddhism (Aria Das)

Aria Das New York, N.Y. Residing in New York while maintaining an opulent lifestyle is a dream many can only hope for, however, for this young woman it was a reality. The only issue was that it was a reality perceived by others and an illusion to her. Working in the fashion industry and receiving […]

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U.S. Army Ends Forced Shaves for Sikh Soldier

Washington, D.C.  Captain Simratpal Singh won a temporary religious accommodation today, allowing him to maintain a beard and wear a turban according to his Sikh faith while serving in the Army. The accommodation comes in the nick of time, as Capt. Singh reports to his new post in Fort Belvoir, Virginia later today. Bronze Star […]

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The Dalai Lama Talks to Students at IIT Madras in India

Chennai, India. The intense rainstorms that lashed Chennai over the last couple of days had eased up as His Holiness the Dalai Lama drove across the city this morning. He had been invited to speak to students of the IIT Madras as part of their Extra-mural Lecture series. The IIT campus was formerly part of […]

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Hajj Stampede Toll Climbs to 1,453 in Saudi Arabia

Washington, D.C. An Associated Press count shows that at least 1,453 pilgrims were killed in a crush and stampede near the Saudi Arabian holy city of Mecca during this year’s annual hajj pilgrimage, far more than the kingdom’s official toll. The higher count comes from tolls offered by 18 countries through their officials or state […]

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