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Poem – Tablature

Latin lachrymae dactylic entablature hearty Icarus   Daddy did him in Daedalus damn near killed him dear demented boys   Such unwieldy toys Sweet young girls smile through it all Wizened women weep   and such are the tears such utter and total pain sustains aged demons   Sing until you’re hoarse Cling cleave colonic […]

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French and American Authors Compare Notes on Modern Fiction

New York, N.Y.  In the U.S., the separation between fiction and non-fiction is very black-and-white, with exceptions on occasion such as Three Cups of Tea.  In France, I recently learned, it is more gray.  Appearing at a panel on French-American Fiction at the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF), several French and U.S. writers spoke on The Original […]

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Jules Verne’s Kip Brothers Translated into English after 100 Years

New York, N.Y.  Part of “Extraordinary Voyages,” Jules Verne’s The Kip Brothers was never translated into English for a variety of reasons, including because of its anti-American and anti-British sentiment. Mostly it was not translated because it veered away Verne’s typical science fiction tales. First published in French in 1902, it arrived in English in 2007 (Wesleyan […]

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