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Amazon Farmers who Vanished Centuries Ago Remarkably Innovative

A pre-Columbian raised field in French Guiana filled with small, round mounds for growing crops. Centuries ago these natives grew maize, manioc and squash upon a matrix of raised beds in flat, regularly flooded coastal marshes. Scooping slices of topsoil from the marsh they flipped them together and upside down, creating mounds which they topped […]

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Zafèn Microloan Program for Haitian Businesses Announced

Brooklyn Auxiliary Bishop Guy Sansaricq, the only Haitian-born U.S. bishop, encouraged members of the New York Haitian Diaspora to use the website as a means to help Haitians begin viable enterprises that will contribute to a self-sustaining Haitian economy in the future. With the help of David Miller, dean of DePaul’s College of Computer Science […]

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The Dominican Republic and the Office of the First Lady

Santo Domingo, D.R. It is not often that an Ambassador from the United Nations invites you to his country to meet the spouse of the president. When this unlikely event does occur, it is best to drop everything and go. So I went, arriving in the Dominican Republic in early December 2005. The First Lady of the Dominican […]

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