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Coach Sarah Walls: Tips for Beating Holiday Weight Gain

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, over 60% of adult women in the country are considered overweight. While this is something to be concerned with all year long, it’s especially troublesome during the holiday season. Throughout the holidays at this time of the year, people are more prone to pack on […]

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Youth Empowerment with Breaking Walls 2018 Santiago

New York, N.Y. Breaking Walls, a U.S.-based non-profit, uses creative writing and theatrical performance to build global peace and acceptance. Young people from all over our world, representing many cultures, religions, socio-economic conditions, sexual orientations, educational levels and status as immigrants and refugees, discover their voice to act as peacemakers and leaders. Breaking Walls youth activism […]

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How a Medical Spa Chain is Revolutionizing the Spa Industry

What do you get when you are on a mission to help everyone look and feel their best and you are not afraid to push the boundaries a bit? Nothing short of a revolution in the medical spa industry! Having grown the Beverly Hill Rejuvenation Center (BHRC) to multiple locations across the country, the medical […]

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The Papa CJ Happiness Project

New York, N.Y. “A day without laughter is a day wasted” – Charlie Chaplin. It is now widely acknowledged that one of the most vital factors in recovery from cancer is a positive frame of mind, a sense of hope. The Papa CJ Happiness Project is thrilled to announce an association with The HOPE Oncology […]

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Healthy Ways to Gain Weight for Ectomorphs

New York, N.Y. Typically, weight gain isn’t a concern for most people as weight loss would be, however, raising awareness to all body types is necessary for a society that thrives on good health. Sustaining a healthy diet is the foundation to a happy and enriched life. You’ll notice improvements in family/friend relations, productivity, and […]

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Gamified Dieting for a Healthier & Wealthier New Year

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Even during the gluttonous holidays and into the New Year “diet resolution” season, weight loss doesn’t have to be a difficult or costly endeavor. It can actually be quite profitable. One organization founded on much obesity and incentivization research,, has found a way to help dieters overcome their short-term financial woes and spur weight […]

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Ways Exercise Helps Beat the Blues

October is Depression Awareness Month, and a great time to focus on ways to overcome the blues and keep depression away. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, around 16 million adults each year experience the most common type of depression, which is Major Depressive Disorder. The disorder is characterized by having at […]

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Guardians of Rescue Scrambles to Help Animals in Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

This has been an active hurricane season, with Guardians of Rescue helping to save animals in numerous hurricane paths. They helped save animals in Texas, following Hurricane Harvey, then they helped save animals in Florida, following Hurricane Irma. Now, the animal rescue group is in Puerto Rico to help save animals that are in some […]

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Coach Sarah Walls: Tips for Beating Holiday Weight Gain

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