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U.N. Health Agency Calls For Stronger Measures Against Zika

New York, N.Y. The United Nations health agency today urged countries across the South-East Asia region to continue to take decisive action to prevent, detect and respond to Zika virus, following news that Thailand has confirmed two cases of Zika-related microcephaly.                                                                           Health worker checking the installation of an anti-mosquito device at the entrance of […]

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U.N. Agencies Deliver Aid to Haiti to Fend Off Cholera Threat

New York, N.Y. 11 October 2016 – One week after Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti, United Nations agencies are continuing the massive relief effort under way on the ground, scrambling to fend off the threat of cholera, delivering life-saving supplies and rehabilitating damaged infrastructure, such as schools. In Les Cayes, Haiti, hundreds of people who […]

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Immediate Support For Psychological Distress

New York, N.Y. Marking World Mental Health Day 2016, the United Nations has highlighted the importance of making mental healthcare available to everyone who needs it – with a focus this year on providing immediate support to those in psychological distress after a crisis.                       […]

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“Superbug” Linked to Chicken Sickens People

An international team of scientists has identified a new kind of “superbug” — or strong bacteria — that has made people sick. They link the development of the superbug to the use of antibiotic drugs in farm animals. The scientists say this new strain of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus — known as MRSA – sickened at […]

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U.N.: Cholera Upsurge Feared in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

New York, N.Y, Health officials in Haiti on Thursday said they were preparing for a likely surge in cholera cases in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, which severely damaged water supplies and sanitation systems in the Caribbean nation. People wade across a flooded street while Hurricane Matthew passes through Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Oct. 4, 2016. The […]

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Clinical Results Show Promise in Search for HIV Cure

London, U.K. A promising multi-disciplinary approach to fighting HIV has led to an encouraging first set of results from clinical trials. The new treatment — called Kick and Kill — comes out of a collaboration between five leading U.K. research establishments. Photo: JörgenMoorlag. Waking up sleeping HIV cells The therapy targets people diagnosed with HIV who are […]

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16 Tech-Driven Wellness Innovations


With all of the excitement and buzz surrounding the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) coupled with the fact that the fall and winter flu, holiday survival and New Year resolution seasons are all on fast approach, now is the perfect time to explore some innovations—gadgets, appliances and other science-based solutions aimed at improving our collective […]

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UNICEF’s Mobile Health Campaign for Children and Women in Yemen

New York, N.Y. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has reported that, along with its partners, the agency has completed a drive reaching more than 600,000 children under five years old and some 180,000 pregnant and breastfeeding women in conflict-torn Yemen with critical health and nutrition services. In Yemen, a nation-wide mobile campaign 24-29 September 2016, […]

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Shelter, Clean Water to Families Amid Iraq’s Mosul Offensive

Tobacco Plants Found Capable of Producing Malaria Drug

The J. Luce Foundation’s Young Global Leadership Initiative

U.N. – African Partnership to Foster Jobs for African Rural Youth

People In Madagascar ‘Living On The Brink,’ U.N. Efforts On Food Crisis

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