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Orthodontic Myths and Truths about Braces and Clear Aligners

New York, N.Y. The thought of undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces leaves some people feeling a bit uneasy, especially if they have been listening to all the myths that abound. The myths surrounding wearing braces not only keep some people from taking a step forward and putting them on the path to straighter teeth, but […]

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What You Should Know About National Mobility Awareness Month

New York, N.Y. May is National Mobility Awareness Month, and a great time to take stock in this important topic that the majority of us take for granted, at least until we are presented with a mobility challenge and are able to see just how important our mobility is. Mobility issues affect more people than […]

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Taking a road trip? An athlete’s health routine will help keep you fit!

According to the U.S. Travel Association, U.S. residents logged 1.7 billion trips for leisure purposes in 2016, and 457 million trips for business purposes. They also report that the direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. averages $2.7 billion a day, $113 million per hour, $1.9 million a minute, and $31,400 a […]

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Think oral hygiene is tough with braces? Think again!

Millions of teens have either had braces or currently have them. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children see an orthodontist at the first sign of an orthodontic problem, but no later than the age of 7. A common issue that parents deal with when their kids have braces is how to get them […]

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Wear braces or aligners? Now you can clean and whiten at the same time!

Millions of people in the country are currently seeking orthodontic treatment, with most opting for traditional braces or clear aligners. Two of the biggest complaints orthodontists receive from patients undergoing treatment is that their teeth get stained or discolored and that their aligners, if they are undergoing clear aligner treatment such as Invisalign, smell and […]

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Have a lower leg injury? Don’t just sit there and suffer, get moving!

Ways to Make it Easier to Be More Mobile with a Lower Leg Injury  Each year, there are millions of people who end up with lower leg injuries. Those who have experienced it know all too well the way it can make something like mobility a new challenge to conquer. Yet the majority of people […]

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Common Myths and Truths About Hair Loss and Balding Exposed

Award winning doctor exposes the truth behind some of the most common myths and truths about hair loss and balding BEVERLY HILLS, California – For the millions of people who experience thinning or balding of their hair, it can be devastating. What can be even more devastating is not getting accurate information when it comes to […]

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No More Fat Dogs: How Just Food For Dogs is Helping Pets Get Healthier

It’s not just people who are experiencing a high rate of being overweight. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), 54% of dogs in the country are considered overweight or obese. That adds up to 50 million dogs in the US with an increased risk for health problems. This year, as people strive […]

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Have a desk job? Don’t let the hazards of a desk job harm your health!

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