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Mother Teresa’s Home for Children in Jacmel, Haiti

Jacmel, Haiti.  My internal warning alarm was going off. “Shouldn’t I wear a mask or something?” I asked myself. I had been trained at Bellevue Hospital in New York as a volunteer to visit patients with AIDS and I knew that when a patient was highly contagious, the volunteers were supposed to wear masks and […]

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Airlines Applauded as Our Tsunami Docs Return from New Orleans

New Orleans, LA.  Orphans International Worldwide’s Indonesian “Tsunami Docs,” wearing traditional Moslem head covering, were present as they passed through New York to return to Jakarta after volunteering in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.  The United Nations Singers performed, and diplomats spoke from a variety of countries. The airlines that have assisted Orphans International Worldwide […]

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Italy Hosts Child Soldiers Symposium with U.N.

New York, N.Y.  The obscene issue of child soldiers is being discussed this week at an international symposium in Rome.  The Italian government is hosting this important symposium, “Children and Young People Affected by Armed Conflict: Learn, Understand, Act.”  This meeting is in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of […]

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Mountaineers Climb Up so Kids with AIDS Can Grow Up

Scale Mount Kilimanjaro to help African kids with AIDS. The program includes Climb Up the 50, Climb Up the World, and Climb Up Kilimanjaro.  Funding will cover AIDS-related medication, supplies, and food for children infected with the disease in the hardest-hit countries, including Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Climb Up the 50 is based in the […]

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Children’s Rights: Protecting Foster Care in the U.S.

New York, N.Y.  One problem with the crisis that is foster care in America is that the challenges are usually so horrific most Americans cannot bear to look at it – and thus typically do not respond. America’s various child welfare systems are so large and complex — and often so out of control — […]

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After the Tsunami: Campus of Orphans International Sumatera

The business and entertainment communities of Puerto Rico have lent enormous support for the creation of Puerto Rico House. Puerto Rican culture is wonderfully vibrant, with unique characteristics that distinguish it from any other. Orphans International Worldwide expects that Puerto Rico House will serve not only as a shelter to Tsunami orphans, but also as […]

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Orphans International Worldwide: Our First Teenager – Bahrizal

Orphans International Family Milestone Orphans International Sumatera in Indonesia celebrated Bahrizal’s birthday in February 2006. He turned 13, making him the first teenager in it’s care. “We brought him a cake and gift and everyone celebrated, kids and houseparents. Bahrizal lives at OI Sumatera in Aceh, Indonesia, having survived the Tsunami of December 2004, in […]

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Fonkoze: Haitian Diaspora Unites Across U.S.

With Barbara Magnoni. Photos by Tequila Minsky. Brooklyn, N.Y.  As the world economy collapses, the lifeline to already-impoverished Haiti has run thin.  One third of Haiti’s economy flows through remittances — through companies such as Western Union and Moneygram — from overseas family members sending cash home. Banks and micro-finance institutions such as Fonkoze also play […]

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Wayfair Accused of Selling Mattresses to Youth “Detention Centers”

U.N.: World Faces ‘Climate Apartheid’ with 120 Million More in Poverty

Australia Rescues Children of Dead Islamic State Fighters

Beyond Skin: Norm Yip Celebrates LGBTQ Pride with Luce Support

Immigrant Defense Project Releases “Know Your Rights With ICE”

Blue America Stands Proudly, Strongly With New Immigrants