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Osmosis – The Next Big Step For Clean Energy?

Illinois Solar Power is becoming increasingly inexpensive, and efficient.  The same goes for wind power, but a natural limitation of both systems is that on some days the sun doesn’t shine, and on some days, the wind doesn’t blow.                                 […]

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Saturn’s Moon, Titan, Could Support Life

New York, N.Y. Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, could support a very different kind life, according to a new study. Titan, taken from the Cassini spacecraft. Photo: NASA/Wikipedia. Writing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers from Cornell University say that despite the moon’s harsh environment, a “prebiotic chemical key” likely exists in […]

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NASA: Juno Spacecraft Enters Jupiter’s Orbit

Pasadena, CA. There were hugs, “high fives” and handshakes at Juno mission control at Jet Propulsion Laboratory Monday, as the unmanned spacecraft completed its engine burn to enter Jupiter orbit and start its 20-month mission mapping the giant planet. NASA Juno Spacecraft entered Jupiter’s orbit July 4th, 2016. Photo: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center/Flickr. Scientists and […]

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New Horizons Space Probe Gets Mission Extension

New York, N.Y. While all eyes are focused on the Juno space probe’s historic encounter with Jupiter, NASA has announced it is extending the mission of the New Horizons spacecraft, which recently provided dazzling photos and information on the dwarf planet Pluto. v                     NASA / Johns Hopkins University Apploaied Physics Laboratory / Southwest Research […]

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NASA Juno Spacecraft, Nearing Jupiter, to Shed Light on Gas Giant

Pasadena, CA. After a five-year journey, the spacecraft Juno is nearing its destination, the planet Jupiter, where it will enter polar orbit and start sending back data back July 4.   Scientists at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the California mission control center for this NASA project, say Juno will pierce the dense clouds of the gas-covered giant and […]

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‘Electric Wind’ May Have Stripped Venus of Water

New York, N.Y. Seen from Earth, Venus is a soft yellow-orange, a bright planet that is known as the morning star. But up close — watch out! Its atmosphere is hellish with average temperatures hot enough to melt lead and rain showers of sulphuric acid. Now, a new paper reveals it’s even worse than that. […]

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Journey Across the Atlantic with Solar Impulse 2

New York, N.Y. Equipped with nothing but the energy from the sun, a solar-powered plane took off from New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport early Monday morning on the 15th leg of its journey around the world.   The Solar Airplane. Photo: Solar Impulse.   The Solar Impulse 2 has begun one of the most hazardous […]

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Ahmed Mohamed Attends White House Astronomy Night with Obama (VIDEO)

Washington, D.C. President Barack Obama told dozens of students gathered on the South Lawn of the White House Monday night that they could be the ones participating in the first missions to Mars within the next two decades. Among the guests Monday was Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas teenager arrested for bringing his homemade clock to […]

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