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Six Reasons to Sleep Like an A-Lister on ‘cloudten’ Luxury Bedding

cloudten Photo Courtesy of cloudten

In a marketplace that can be ambivalent about purchasing luxury goods, particularly among Millennials and the Gen Z set, one game-changing bedding brand—cloudten—is garnering more than its fair share of A-List attention. Beyond an array of performance athletes like tennis pro Genie Bouchard, NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens and United States Olympic […]

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Vol. 48

Vol. 48   Shinto and Shintoism was born from full of natural disasters? Story of Shinto and Buddhism Fusion Since we had a series of stories about Tenkawa Shrine, we will tell you about Shinto and Buddhism (Shinnbutsu Shuugou) The Shinnbutsu Shuugou: Shinto and Buddhism Fusion is a term calling on the state where Shintoism […]

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Vol. 47

Vol. 47 Tenkawa Shrine and World Religious Conference (2) The Tennkawa shrine was established in the Hakuho period created by Emperor Temmu. Below is a story from Mr. Mikinosuke Kakisaka of Tenkawa Shrine, head abbot. (About 2,700 years ago, the first emperor, Jimmu pray in front of the rock ‘Kannabi” at Tennkawa’s “Manai” and made […]

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Vol. 46

Vol. 46 Although I have been experiencing extraordinarily various experiences in my life so far, I was truly amazed by the following experience. There is a conference called “Parliament of the World’s Religions” founded in 1970. Representatives from various religions from all over the world join the international non-governmental organization (NGO), and to aim at […]

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Can A Leader Be Kind? Can She Not?

New York, N.Y. Become a cheerleader; Recognize vulnerability and connect moving forward is how Dr. Eva Ritvo started her luncheon seminar at the Jay Luce Foundation office. The workshop focused on the importance of kindness and compassion in leadership. Dr. Ritvo is an American television and radio personality, author, and psychiatrist most noted for her […]

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7 Reasons Why Grandparents are Turning to Diamond Investments

  New  York, N.Y. Grandparents Day is September 10, making it a great time to consider what they are investing in today and why. Many grandparents are taking on a role of caring for their grandchildren. For those who have grandchildren they are helping to care for, and for those who desire to leave their […]

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Puerto Vallarta’s ‘Casa Dos Cisnes’ Luxury Private Villa Elevates Industry Standards

Copyright Casa Dos Cisnes

Secluded five-star Mexican villa offers an ultimate luxury accommodations experience trumping top resorts; boasts its own gourmet private chef, service staff, elite accommodations up to 10 adults and premier on-site amenities—all amid unrivaled ocean views Amid the explosion of “the sharing economy,” the private villa accommodations sector has skyrocketed in recent years. In fact, today’s […]

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Sight of Life

Learning how to write a professional script, I found it necessary  to add a heroes journey to my story. In a glimpse the word ¨doctor¨came into thought . It was fundamental to cast a matrix peak of mounds and climaxes . The utmost pinnacle of life is transformation through our mistakes and fears. I concluded […]

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