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How Concierge Parenting Services Can Help Prepare Kids for College

College admissions issues has been stealing the headlines. From the college admission scandal, where wealthy people allegedly paid to help their kids get accepted to high ranking colleges, to the talk of adding diversity scores to help boost some SAT/ACT tests, the news is filled with the challenges that those wanting to go to a […]

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Vol. 69

New York, N.Y.  Vol. 69 The teaching of “Jomon” (2) Human beings who really had a passion, Jomon I will continue to talk about Jomon Dojo. “Jomon Dou” is a word created by acquaintance Mr. Haruichi Kato, and there are hints to solve various problems of the present age in the way of life and […]

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Vol. 68

New York, N.Y.  Vol. 68 The Teaching of “Jomon” (1) The other day I went to Tokyo, I attended an interesting gathering. Under the idea that Jomon period culture forms the foundation of Japaneseness, and if you try to learn in the present Jomon period you will find hints for solving the problems that Japan […]

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Vol. 66

New York, N.Y.  This is NG! Vol. 66 “Katakari Dance” Kabuki Roots? Introducing Indian Traditional Dance I Always have searched all over the world and brought a lot of different performing art groups to USA ,Europe worthy of showing to the West. One of the most memorable tasks was to bring one of the four […]

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Vol. 67

New York, N.Y.  Vol. 67 Introducing art from various parts of Southeast Asia in the 80’s I always went to the site and looked for myself When I recalled the work I did as an international professional, I think it was also an honor to bring the arts from all over Southeast Asia and Chinese […]

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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gem & Jewel Aficionados

According to the National Retail Federation, among the estimated $19.6 billion Valentine’s Day consumer spending last year alone (courtesy of more than half of United States adults celebrating the occasion), $4.7 billion of that is earmarked specifically for the jewelry category. It’s clear that our collective adoration for adornments is serving the retail channel well, […]

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Six Reasons to Sleep Like an A-Lister on ‘cloudten’ Luxury Bedding

cloudten Photo Courtesy of cloudten

In a marketplace that can be ambivalent about purchasing luxury goods, particularly among Millennials and the Gen Z set, one game-changing bedding brand—cloudten—is garnering more than its fair share of A-List attention. Beyond an array of performance athletes like tennis pro Genie Bouchard, NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens and United States Olympic […]

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New York, N.Y. xxx Originally published as Vol. 5 in Weekly Biz, Month xx, 201_; translated by Jim Luce. See: Dr. Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura Column in Japan’s Weekly Biz (ニューヨークビズ!) Dr. Kazuko, Gaia Holistic Foundation, Japan, Japanese essay, Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura Tweet

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Dr. Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura’s Column in Japan’s Weekly Biz

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