‘Children of the Night’ Focuses on Human Sex Trafficking in U.S.

New York, N.Y.  Lois Lee is often called a pioneer in saving victims of human sex trafficking.

The founder and president of Children of the Night, a privately funded non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing America’s children from the ravages of prostitution, began working toward her cause while she was in graduate school.

Founder Lois Lee speaking at a David Lynch Foundation forum.

Lee met many young prostitutes who needed help, and began reaching out to them, as they weren’t getting the treatment and assistance they required.

The effort grew quickly and Lee said she “became a legend among the underground as a girl who wanted to help.”

Lee said she was told by third party members to immediately get these kids off the streets.

“Philanthropist’s gave me money to grow the program out of my house,” Lee said.

This program became Children of the Night, which was officially conceived in 1979. It is the first and only comprehensive sex trafficking preventative program in North America.

Children of the Night has since helped over 10 thousand American children escape prostitution and raised over $40 million in private funds supporting the cause.

On April 30, Lee presented an exclusive presentation on America’s sex trafficked children at The University Club in Manhattan, New York.

At the event, Lee discussed her background and how she came to form Children of the Night. She also addressed several truths about sex trafficking that Americans, in her experience, are often not familiar with.

Lee then introduced seven young women who once worked on the streets as prostitutes.

Each of these women are currently enrolled in school and all intend on attending four year universities upon completing high school.

As a group the girls agreed that coming to Children of the Night has changed their lives and helped them get back on track. They come from different situations but have one thing in common: they were all in need.

“[Children of the Night] is better than being on the streets,” one said.

The women answered questions from the crowd and demonstrated a passion and excitement for life and an appreciation for Children of the Night that left some in tears.

Lee closed the presentation by thanking the people that helped her make what she does possible and encouraged the guests to continue a conversation with her about the cause if they so chose.

Despite her extreme dedication to the cause, Lee acknowledged that what she does is “not pretty work and not easy work.”

Children of the Night will continue to help children from all parts of America as well as expand its global efforts.

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