Luce Leader Accepted to Ivy League College on Scholarship

New Haven, CT.  Christopher Rim recalls that it was exactly 4:56 in the afternoon when he got into his mother’s car and sat down nervously. He was ready to begin opening mail from several colleges he applied to—beginning with the school he thought least likely to accept him.

“The first one I opened was from Yale,” he said, still in disbelief. “And it said ‘congratulations.’”

Luce Leader Christopher Rim begins his college education at my father’s university, Yale.
Photo: J. Luce Foundation.

Both mother and son erupted with joy as they drove on the highway. “My mom nearly crashed a few times, so we pulled off the road to celebrate,” he recalled, with a broad smile.

Chris, now eighteen, is one of the young global leaders making a positive impact in the world that the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation supports. I first met this young Korean-American several years ago and worked with him to write Scholarships for Students Speaking Up About Bullying, followed by my own piece in HuffPo, Anti-Bullying Hero Hopes for Harvard.

When just fifteen years old, Christopher grew tired of seeing bullies victimize other students at school and resolved in his mind to do something. Christopher didn’t remain a bystander for long. He created It Ends Today, an anti-bullying awareness organization.

Chris Rim accepting an award from the New York City Council, presented by our friend,
the Hon. Jumaane D. Williams of Brooklyn. Photo: J. Luce Foundation.

It Ends Today takes a unique approach to anti-bullying. Chris believes that the most effective way to end bullying in our schools and community is for students to listen to peers talk about problems and personal experiences related to bullying.

The organization promotes peer-to-peer action as a more effective method to end bullying than having adults instruct children on proper behavior. So far, the organization has reached more than 65,000 students from North America to Europe and Asia.

Chris continues to earn recognition for his anti-bullying work. President Barack Obama honored him with the President’s Lifetime Call to Service Volunteer Award. He also received the Best Buy Scholarship Award and Dr. John Grieco Scholarship, as well several awards from national, state and local governments.

In anticipation of starting his college freshman year, Christopher has already stepped down from his position as president of It Ends Today chapter at his high school but will remain president of the organization. A new leader is in place to head that chapter while Christopher studies at Yale, where he has already contacted schools in the surrounding community to plant new branches.

Chris Rim spent the last year as a Luce Leader-in-Training with the J. Luce Foundation.
Here, with director Jeremy Hu (standing) and the author. Photo: J. Luce Foundation.

So far, other elite colleges, such as the University of California Berkeley and U.C.L.A. have also accepted Christopher into their freshman class. But I am glad he is going to Yale, where my dad received his Doctorate and my older brother was born. Henry Luce III Hall is impressive, as well.

Chris has not committed yet to a major. He has thought about law school, politics or a career in business. Right now, his interests lie in real estate development, which Christopher explained evolved from his interest in architecture. This interest stems from his family’s two-year search for the right home while he was in junior high school.

“I got tired of looking at houses and not moving into one of them,” he said. So, Chris rode his bicycle to open houses to take a look on his own. Comparing the houses sparked a desire to investigate a career in architectural design

Chris_Rim-6-132Chris Rim accepting his Luce Leadership 2012 Award from the author at the foundation’s
Year End Champagne Reception held at Skadden Arps. 
Photo: J. Luce Foundation.

But Chris’ vision is much bigger: He wants to design entire communities. He said his passion leans more toward the business aspect of real estate development than construction.

Luce Leader 2012 Christopher Rim is an exceptional young man. The J. Luce Foundation will continue to support his leadership endeavors and wish him all the best at Yale University. We know, without a doubt, he will succeed. Big time.

With assistance from Nigel Roberts, Managing Editor The Stewardship Report.

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