Defeating Trumpism #1 Goal in Endorsing Bloomberg, Romney

New York, N.Y. The impeached Donald J. Trump is the most dangerous man in American history, dragging our Republic towards a Fascist State. The Obama Administration, like the Weimar Republic, opened the door unexpectedly to Nationalism. The Germans, like Americans today, were “good people.” And a few years later, it took a war to stop him.

We do not need a Civil War or a World War to stop Trump a few years later. We need good candidates, both Democratic and Republican, to stop him this fall.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is an articulate, intelligent individual who would be eaten alive by the Bully-in-Chief. Senators Warren and Sanders, of Massachusetts and Vermont respectively, have ideas critical to our future. But with the Democratic National Committee in tatters, we need an individual who can stand against Trumpism on his own. That individual is New York City Mayor, philanthropist and corporate titan Michael Bloomberg.

The Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness hereby endorses in the Democratic Party the campaign of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and in the Republican Party, the write-in campaign for Senator Mitt Romney of Utah.

Bloomberg - 2004 - 600

In step with Jim Luce, president of both Orphans International Worldwide and the J. Luce Foundation, former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer, and Geoffrey Canada, President of the Harlem Children’s ZoneNew York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, actors Michael Douglas and Sam Waterston, and musician John Mellencamp, we endorse Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Mike Bloomberg is a middle class kid who worked his way through college.  After getting laid off at age 39, he started a company from scratch and built it into a business that today employs 20,000 people.  He gives virtually all of the company’s profits to charity, to support causes he is passionate about, including gun violence, climate change, education, women’s rights, and health care.

He served three terms as Mayor of New York and created nearly a half-million jobs, expanded health insurance to 700,000 people, reduced the city’s carbon footprint, and cut the incarceration rate by nearly 40%.  Now he’s running to unite America, defeat Donald Trump, and start getting big things done.

Bloomberg - 2009 - 600

From gun control to choice, LGBTQ rights to climate change, Bloomberg will stand tall for America. And Mitt Romney will reflect traditional Republicanism, fiscally conservative but socially liberal. From John McCain to George Bush father and son, Romney is a Republican and not a Fascist.

This is why we support Mayor Michael Bloomberg as the Democratic nominee and Senator Mitt Romney as the Republican write-in nominee against incumbent and impeached President Donald J. Trump in 2o2o.

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