Dog Saved from Unimaginable Cruelty, Rescue Group Launches Investigation of Animal Control

Photo provided by Guardians of Rescue

Photo provided by Guardians of Rescue

Liam’s story of cruelty rocks the country, leads to investigation for answers and changes, seeks help from community

Liam is a dog that just wanted to be loved like all others, but what he got in return was anything but. Now safe and being cared for by Guardians of Rescue, he has been so poorly treated that it’s beyond belief for those who see how bad off the dog is. Being called the worst case of cruelty that the veterinarian who cared for him has seen is his 35 years of practice, the dog’s mistreatment is not only creating outrage for the owners, but also for the animal shelter that had a duty to save him from it. The cruelty has rocked the community and has spawned a formal investigation of the Long County, Georgia Animal Shelter.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking what has happened to Liam. It’s something that no animal should have to endure, with signs pointing to dog fighting,” stated Jack Garcia, retired FBI agent and director of investigations for Guardians of Rescue, an animal rescue organization. “Adding insult to injury, he wasn’t rescued and protected by the very people who should have been doing just that. The cruelty was overlooked, brushed under the rug, and it continued for far too long.”

Liam, now in the care and custody of Guardians of Rescue, has chewed-up ears, severe infections and open wounds, scars and wounds up and down his front legs, broken teeth, and he’s infested with fleas and hookworms. He is also anemic and will need a blood transfusion to save his life. Adding to that, his eyeballs are abnormally small, and the doctor believes he may have very poor eyesight or not see at all, because he doesn’t respond to light and seems lost and disoriented. Pictures of the dog have been shared on the Guardians of Rescue Facebook page so that people can see the heartbreaking condition he is in due to the cruelty he has endured.

Liam’s situation is beyond desperate as he continues to fight for his life, after having lived through the most unimaginable cruelty for a long period of time. The dog’s owner has been suspected of cruelty for a while, including being under the suspicion of being involved in dog fighting. Animal Control had been aware of the problem for some time, yet nothing was done. They refused to remove the dog from the situation until they were recently forced to. In light of this, Guardians of Rescue is escalating the case to a new level, working with former FBI agents to uncover potential corruption at the shelter. They want to know why this dog and so many others have been allowed to live in such conditions, even after numerous complaints had been filed regarding the cruelty taking place.

“This is a very dark and disturbing situation,” adds Garcia. “Many signs point directly to dog fighting and criminal abuse. We are asking the public to help us with this case so that we can bring justice for Liam and we can help prevent other dogs from going through this hell. We care and so do the local animal advocates in Long County. We are giving something Liam has never known – compassion.”

GOR asks anyone who has information regarding the Long County, Georgia Animal Shelter and its employees to come forward. All information is kept confidential and can be submitted by calling 888-287-3864 or email Additionally, they are also seeking monetary donations to help fight the case and provide much-needed medical care to Liam. Donations can be made online via the website:

The community can assist GOR by watching out for animals in need and contacting the organization when they see those in distress. Guardians of Rescue provides assistance to animals out on the streets. They are located in Long Island, New York, and they have a chapter in Miami, but they help animals in many places beyond where their chapters are located. They are also instrumental in helping military members with their pets. To learn more, get involved, or to make a donation to support the Guardians of Rescue, log onto

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