The Story of Reviving Manhattan’s Famous Beacon Theater

New York, N.Y. Road to the co-owner Buy cash 450,000 dollars “Possibility to be heard” ear information from the co-owner In this way the beacon theater became a “cultural heritage” However, although it is natural, it does not mean that the monthly rent is not canceled. Payment deadline will come every month. At one time, Moskovitz, one of the co-owner, said, “I will tell you a good thing, so please come.” When I took it, I suggested that I be one of the co-owners.

“In our company arrangement, if even one of the co-owners says” No “, that plan can not be executed.If you join at least a little as one of the owner group, your opinion It is less troublesome to be swayed by the opposite decision. ” If you ask, one of the owners seems to move to Israel in your home country, “If you say that you can sell half of ownership,” he said. But because of this transaction, the advance is $ 450,000, so it was told me to bring it in cash. I can not have such cash to rely on my parents’ house for the first time, but for the first time at this time I called a family in Tatsumura of my parents house.

I was often told that I was being told that “Money is from my parents because he is a lady, so why can I do anything?”, It was a totally lie, I have always relying on my family until this time Never mind. When I telephoned the house of Tatsumura for the first time, my aunt cooperated with “I am doing something good”, she worked hard alone and went to meet the bank bank president. Chairman talked to the New York branch, eventually lending me $ 450,000, no interest, without collateral. “It is because it is because Longmil’s lady is doing very good things.”

With this cash that hands a lot of money without a sign, I went to the co-owner of the Israeli people who told me that they could sell half the rights of their ownership. Then this person “How to trust me about whether it is important is whether or not you trust me, so I keep this cash, but I do not write a receipt or write a deposit certificate, I do not sign anything and I do not keep any records But still I will leave this money here. ” At this time, I thought that I had to buy this at all costs. I thought that this transaction was “money to create a possibility to listen to my opinion.” If you become one of the co-owners, you can participate in the business decision process. Even though I can participate in the process, my opinion may not pass, but if I can not participate here, my opinion will never reach the owners’ ears. If I think “I want you to hear your opinion”, you should buy “possibility to be heard”.

So I answered, yes, it is okay, I left my $ 450,000 in cash with him and went home. There was something to do, so I thought that I did it.

I came to the contract with an egg of a lawyer,
But then there was a drama. I have never heard such a story! It’s ridiculous to just put a lot of money without taking a sign! My lawyer has quit, saying that. After that, I was kept waiting for 30 days and I was able to purchase it on sunny day on 31st day, but it came to contact me, but at that time, I opposed Nixon and I and my lawyer to support Jimmy Carter Egg people and the other three made Jimmy Carter ‘s first office in NY. At that time, there was no acquaintance of a lawyer, so I took the lawyer’s egg. Forced to finally take the person who just passed the exam to the contract site, he was trembling in the elevator.
Since it was said that “I can become an owner of the next beacon hotel as an option” as a draft contract, I really wanted to put that option, but since the lawyer’s egg asked, please do not enlarge the story I asked for trembling with him, so I did not talk about it. I wonder if the hotel had too much money if I had it. (Laugh) (The next issue will be published February 3)

Originally published as Vol. 10 in Weekly Biz, Month xx, 201_; translated by Jim Luce.

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