Body & Mind Immunity: Mandela who Made Enemy a Friend

New York, N.Y.  On May 10, 1994, four years after Nelson Mandela was released from nearly thirty years in prison, the ceremony was finally set to inaugurate South Africa’s first black president.

On that day, leaders from all over the world gathered in Johannesburg to confer their blessings on Mr. Mandela. It was the first time in Africa that so many great people had gathered in one place.

At that time, there was an unknown white man invited to sit in the special front row section. The man was the prison guard who was charged with Mandela’s care for so long time, a man known as Brant. Later Mandela said that out of all of those assembled, he was most pleased with the blessing of this gaurd.

For it was in this moment, when Nelson Mandela took the abuse he had endured for more than forty years and transformed it into something positive. Mandela used his own mind to take what was bad, actually evil, and transform into the brilliant future of modern South Africa.

I believe that the one who can not only forgive one’s enemy but further, turn the enemy into a true ally — to transformation wrong into right — possesses a strong sense of what I call “immunity of the mind.”

Differences from the Body’s Immune Body

Our bodies are born with an “immunity” that always protects us and protects our body from disease. Such immunity fights as soon as we encounter germs and is indeed a wonderful gift given to each human being from Nature and the Universe.

Immunity always works in a healthy person. To strengthen our immunity, we eat a balanced diet of nutritious food, exercise properly, and get enough sleep. This keeps our bodies strong. I believe the same is true for our the immunity of our mind or our ‘spirit.’

The major difference between the two is that we are born with the body’s immunity, yet “immunity of the mind” is something that we can only achieve after a certain age. Such immunity of spirit only manifests itself through careful cultivation; a mindset created through one’s own self endeavor.

Since the end of the last century, the field of immunology has evolved with great progress. The details are divided, the learning is divided, and various things are found.

In the U.S., Western immunoscience and its applications are now at their peak, while at the same time, Eastern medicine and holistic therapies are also widely popular. Every day, different methods are introduced, including herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, yoga, shiatsu, acupuncture and moxibustion, etc. We are awash in scientific thought. Is this all we need? Will this knowledge alone save us from disease?

This abundance of knowledge is not enough to relieve psychological and spiritual pain and suffering. Although it is all very helpful, it is not all we need. In fact, although it addresses our intellect, it fails to engage our heart.

Illness does not often occur in the absence of mental trouble or stress, I believe. For example, the Coronavirus that now threatens our planet would be much less of a concern if we could immunize both our body and our minds. When the body and mind operate on tandem — cooperate with one another — we achieve a healing power.

How to strengthen “Immunity of Mind”

We must find a way to strengthen both the “immunity of the mind” as well as immunity of the body. While helping hundreds of people suffering from various diseases for many years with my Onnetsu treatments, I have become aware that we are lacking this special immunity.

We suffer various psychological troubles, at home and at work, sad emotions, frustration, unhappy human relations, financial problems, hatred from people, resentment, deceit, hurt, accidents, etc. All these element of our lives produce a toxin called stress which attacks both our mind and body.

We humans suffer, getting depressed and sick, because we don’t have “immunity of mind” to counter this condition. This is the same as getting toxic germs into our body and getting physically sick, but this is a much stronger toxin. It is called Stress, a toxin often stronger than physical germs.

Because we don’t have “immunity of mind” to counter stress, we become sick through depression and suffering. So what exactly is “immunity of the mind”? How can one be strong and fight stress like our bodies do with the physical immunity given to us at birth?

The Teaching of “Kessai of the Heart”

I have paid special attention to the teachings of Rokkon Seijou, “Harae no Kotoba,” which has been part of Japanese Shinto since ancient times. (ROKKON SEIJO HARAE KOTOBA).

At first glance, this means “even if you look and listen with your five senses and consciousness, don’t be obsessed with that.” The heart should not be influenced by one’s five senses alone.

But I don’t think this teaching is only that. It’s not only about the mind being affected, but also trying not to be affected: the way you hold all of this in your heart and the way you look at the condition of your heart in a totally different way.

There is another way of looking at things one must discover. One has to find a way outside of one’s five senses to not be influenced by our senses. We have to discover another way, above and beyond our five senses, to truly overcome our perceptions and detach emotionally from them.

This means simply not letting your mind be affected by these senses. I have studied this teaching for many years and developed a practice that creates immunity for my heart.

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