Immunity of Body & Mind: Caring for Heart, Intestines, Blood

New York, N.Y. I am writing four pieces on immunity of the body and mind twice, and two were published in the last two issues (February 22 & March 7).

It has been said for a long time that the words “I’m worried” mean that if my heart aches, one becomes ill or unhealthy. Immunity of the body is composed of the three elements: intestines, blood, and the mind.

Good bacteria need to be present in the gut, white blood cells need to be healthy in the blood, and the heart/mind needs to be stress-free. When immunity is low in your mind, you can easily become sick.

In the last episode I wrote about 18 elements of ‘immunity of mind.’ If you have more than 50% of these elements in your mind, your ‘immunity of mind’ is very low and I would not be surprised if you would get sick at any time.

If you suffer the following:

1) Difficulty sleeping, waking up frequently due to nightmares; 2) Feel night and day are reversed; 3) Palpitations and stress; 4) Lack of concentration; 5) Poor memory; 6) Nervousness and tension; 7) Tightness of the chest; 8) Hypochondria (always feeling sick even though not: 9) Rapid pulse; 10) Cold limbs; 11) Dizziness and lightheadedness; 12) Tinnitus (ringing in the ear); 13: Wobbliness, feeling unsteady on one’s feet; 14) Stiff shoulders; 15) Headaches; 16) Lack of sleep, motivation, exercise; 17) Painful and sad thoughts; and 18) Sudden irritation and frustration.

In such cases, the sympathetic nervous system is dominant, so it is necessary to consciously enhance the function of the parasympathetic nerve and regulate the rhythm of the autonomic nerve.

The method of warming the spinal cord through my hyperthermia treatment known as Onnestu modulates and balances these two nerves, so that ‘immunity of mind’ is greatly improved.

As for how to raise immunity to the heart, let’s look again at Rokune Kiyoshi’s Six. At all times, I try to sharpen my senses. For example, when walking outside I ponder: Where does the wind come from? How was the flow of clouds? What was color were the trees? What does the town smell like? What did my last meal taste like? Have I have experiences any happy incidents today?

It is interesting to point out that a stressed person usually responds to these questions that they “feel nothing in particular.” If you keep pushing yourself with your busy life, your instincts will stop working, your brain will become exhausted and your senses will shut down. And your ‘immunity of mind’ diminishes.

The immune tolerance of the heart changes depending on whether the brain has room. It is important to be aware of the different senses in your daily life. Nourish your brain with support for natural healing power while cultivating your five senses. You need to separate your social self from your emotional self for everything you have to do in your life.

Practice the following for a strong ‘immunity of the mind’: Imagine yourself like another person and approach yourself. Touch nature by growing small flowers and, as we say in Japan, “bathing in the forest.” (experiencing the tranquility of nature).

The internal organs are a part of one’s body, but not “yourself.” It is important to feel with one’s five senses like the teaching of Rikkon Kiyoshi and the idea that there is another human being.

  • In order to be healthy, it is fundamental to live life at the same pace every day. Make a schedule for meals, wake-up time, bedtime, etc., as much as possible. Don’t be lazy on weekends.
  • If you do not feel like doing your health practice, don’t. If your “not feeling it,” it won’t accomplish anything anyway.
  • If you think you will be happy if the disease is cured, the order is actually reversed: When you feel happy, you become healthier.
  • Make time to be alone after work. It is good to travel alone several times a year.
  • I always refresh my heart and emotions by touching fresh things while thanking everything around me with gratitude
  • Keep your body warm at all times. I personally do zazen to reset my mind when I want to concentrate
  • Finally, a bath at home improves blood flow and is essential. When blood flow deteriorates, your blood becomes ‘dirty,’ your body temperature becomes cold, and your immunity goes down.

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