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New York, N.Y. From Ancient times in Japan, we have a saying, ”All illness come from “Ki” which means if your heart hearts, you become Ill. In actuality, illness mainly comes from weakened immunity. And human immunity is made up of three components: INTESTINES, blood, and mind.

aIn part three of my column, I wrote about the immunity of the mind. This time I will write about the immunity of the body. This chapter is a story about intestines and blood. First, body temperature: body temperature is determined by blood flow.

Over two thousand years the god of modern medicine Hippocrates (460-370BC) said, “HEAT is the ultimate cure.”

“Illnesses that cannot be cured by medicine may be operated. Disease that cannot be cured by surgery will be cured by heat. If it is not cured by heat, the disease should be considered incurable.”

This shows that heat was also of the utmost importance for Hippocrates.

The level of the body’s immunity first manifests itself in body temperature. At 35 degrees, immunity is very weak. Today, the whole world is on a new threat: COVID-19 the corona-virus. I think the temperature above 37 degrees means that our body is desperately fighting the virus.

Intestinal Health Test

Immunity is intestinal strength. Intestinal bacteria. The intestine that supports the heart is our superpower. There are 18 symptoms that have a great effect on both emotions and ONE’S INTESTINES. Let’s look at nine of these.


  1. Lightly feel your body
  2. Can switch feelings
  3. Come up with what you want to do and do it; you feel worth living
  4. You can laugh well
  6. You can eat and enjoy eating deliciously
  7. There is no stress and you can make time to enjoy yourself
  8. You are often aware that nature, sky changes, flowers are blooming
  9. Anything Gratitude naturally springs up

In order to increase the immunity of the mind and body, it is necessary to feed the gut to make it healthy. Feeding it approximately with these foods for intestinal bacteria to increase the amount and type of bacteria in the gut. Rewarding your intestines keeps them healthy.

Diet and therapy to boost immunity in the intestine:

  • Ingestion of grains, vegetables, beans, and fruits
  • Ingestion of fermented foods such as natto, yogurt and kimchi
  • Ingestion of foods containing dietary fiber
  • Minimize food additives such as preservatives

Three hormonal massages are also specifically good ways to boost immunity. Listening to your body’s voice and touching it to your soul will heal your soul.

1) Neck vagus nerve IN ONE’S THROAT.  2) Stimulation of thymus.  3) Massage groin.

Blood Balance in White Blood Cells:
Lymphocytes, Granulocytes & Macrophages

Immunity in the body is the ability to protect against foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses that have entered the body and cancer cells that have developed in the body. Originally, it is a natural healing power that human beings are born with to have and protect themselves. Most of the immunity is performed by white blood cells in the blood.



According to late Dr. Toru Abo’s immunity theory, we are in a healthy state when granulocytes account for 60% of our white blood cells, lymphocytes 35% and macrophages 5%. When this ratio is not maintained, the body temperature becomes very low and immunity also becomes low. In this situation, white blood cells are unhealthy and cold.

Therefore, immunity means that when this balance is established and maintained, pathogens and viruses coming from outside the body are detected by our properly balanced white cells and desperately tries to get them out, attacking them, and various phenomena then occur in our body.

Dr. Kazuko’s Onnetsu Therapy


These unhealthy cells in the body are cold. Cancer cells are especially cold. Dr. Kazuko’s Onnetsu hyperthermia therapy finds these cold cells and warms them. It is a method of combination of vibration energies that combines the far-infrared rays of the sun with the waves of terahertz minerals from the bottom of the earth. With these two waves, the heat is added.

These elements are injected into the spinal cord to (1) increase immunity, and (2) Dr. Kazuko’s thermotherapy finds cold and unhealthy cells in the body and treats them.

This hyperthermia was patented last year and Dr. Kazuko is now recognized and sought after by the medical community around the world. Dr. Kazuko thinks this therapy will be so effective for new Coronavirus.

As Hippocrates said, warming the body is very important and effective. Diseases and germs do not come close to warm people. You can be healthy if you keep your body and mind warm! meals made with love both with raiaing of mind and body immunity.

warm congee, noodles, soup all recommended to warm your body and give love to recognize and confirm yourself with love.

think about some things that your feelings become very bright and thik about something you can do to move your bosy and especially having a great meal – these things become a confrimatoon of self-assuracne and accept yourself completely as is. then you feel good. mnd-heart os bright and encourage yourself – these all raise your mental immunity.

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Dr. Kazuko was born into a distinguished old family in Kyoto, Japan, and graduated from Toho conservatory of Music in Tokyo. In 1961 she came to U.S. as a pianist sponsored by the Boston Symphony. She studied at Boston University, New York University, and received her Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine from New York State University and the International Academy of Education in Tokyo. From 1968 to 1992, she promoted cultural exchanges from East to West and vice versa, and became a world famous impresario, producing 2,000 events each year all over the world encompassing over 140 countries. In this connection, in 1972, she went to Dharamsala to find the lost Tibetan Folk Opera, and met His Holiness the Dalai Lama, with whom she remains a lifelong friend. In 1973 and 1991 she arranged and funded personally the tours of the Folk Opera of Tibet to the West. She has received many medals and honors from different countries. Her tireless life long work in Philanthropic field is vast and well known ranging from Save the Beacon Theater, Save the Boat People, Help the Homeless, natural disasters of earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as relief to AIDS and HIV positive children in Africa. She has been a dedicated Board Member to both the J. Luce Foundation and Orphans International for years. Her work focuses on the Tibetan people; Tibetan children remain especially strong in her heart. She raised fund for the new academic building for Manjushree Orphanage in Tawang, India and supported many aspects of the school. See HuffPo pieces entitled Japanese Holistic Healer in NYC to Build School for Tibetan Orphans in India, A Japanese Dinner with Raul Castro’s Daughter, and NYC Gala in Support of Tibetan Orphans Set for January.

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