Pandemic First Person: Already One Week (Part B)

New York, N.Y. I stayed home for another week. Now I have a lot of reading time and I am spending at least four hours a day meditating as if I was at the meditation dojo. I also go for walks in the park, moving in the sun. My life is luxurious, thanks to the Corona bacteria. But something new is happening around the world, like a world war against the human race.


What does this mean? If you think about it, I can only think of it as act of the Universe (or God). Humanity has been inventing and discovering for centuries, for the sake of our selfish happiness and so-called ‘progress.’ But has this made us happy? Have we found happiness? Unhappiness does not go away. Illness does not decrease. Sadly, different diseases continue to emerge, one after another.

Our food has somehow improved and we have created new varieties. Today, ironically, we are trying to return to the original, saying ‘organic’ is better. Was humanity on overkill because our intention was wrong in God’s eyes? Up to the present, our development has progressed solely from human greed. We have ignored all other sentient beings God created on this planet.

Perhaps the Universe is thinking: “I will create viruses unknown to humanity. I will try to stop humanity right now and hope they will wake up. Stop their daily life. I only gave humans the ability to think, not other living creatures. The rest of sentient beings on this planet only received “’instinct.’”

108-B“For centuries, humanity has misunderstood this special ability, thought. They have used thought greedily, only for the sake and betterment of themselves. With this special ability, one must realize the consequences to others. If our act only serves humanity, how does it better the Universe? The Universe provided us with this high ability and trusted humanity could handle it.”

The Universe created intelligence in humans to be able to recognize the nature of the others’ ability: the unconscious ability “for the betterment of others.” Sadly, humanity has totally ignored or misunderstood and failed this real meaning of our special ability.

This is so important. In the past, great philosophers and religious leaders have tried to teach us, but ordinary humans never understood. We kept greedily progressing for the convenience of humankind, for the sake of themselves. Humanity seems focused only on “How to make our lives more convenient,” or “How to enrich ourselves by sacrificing the rest of living creatures on our planet.” This egoistic idea of humans is taking its toll on the destruction of our planet and daily life. This totally conceited idea that humans are “above all, superior” is causing this.

The Universe is trying to adjust this now. “Humans must wake up!” But this is not easy. The Corona virus can be conquered, I believe. But there is so much more for us to learn now than simply defeating the coronavirus. This earth-plant is being broken!

In actuality, conquering the Coronavirus is not difficult if we follow these ways:

  • 108-CBoost your own nature-given immunity, which we do not take proper care of.
  • Depend as little as possible on pills prescribed by MD’s.
  • Live as naturally as you can, relying on Nature; do NOT fear, think this is also caused  by nature.
  • Move your body as much as you can, as we are creatures of movements.
  • Eat what you need, as much as you can, organically (from nature). Chew thoroughly, using your saliva.
  • Stick with a predominantly vegetarian Diet. Drink clean water more than usual, stimulating your body’s
  • Give deep thanks for the remarkable ability that nature has bestowed upon your body.
  • Keep your body temperature rather high. 36.5 Celsius (97.7 Fahrenheit).
  • Get as much natural sunlight as much as you can; vitamin D from the sun has much immunity.
  • Take a bath, not a shower. Keep your extremities and inner body warm.
  • Give thanks; be appreciative and give thanks to everybody and everything around you. Gratitude.
  • Think about what you can do for others; all sentient beings, not only for other humans.
  • No matter how small your action might be, please do it and get feeling of satisfactions from it.


I notice the report of COVID-19 infection in Japan is rather low compared to other countries. I attribute this to the traditional cleanliness of our Japanese people. Wherever one goes in Japan, we see no litter or garbage. We take care of our own garbage with Compassion for others. Amazingly, it is the cleanest country in the world.

Coronavirus perhaps will not spare even this extremely populated country either. Maybe our mental attitude I talked about earlier will have to change… Deep gratitude for the Planet, God, and Nature.

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Dr. Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura
Dr. Kazuko was born into a distinguished old family in Kyoto, Japan, and graduated from Toho conservatory of Music in Tokyo. In 1961 she came to U.S. as a pianist sponsored by the Boston Symphony. She studied at Boston University, New York University, and received her Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine from New York State University and the International Academy of Education in Tokyo. From 1968 to 1992, she promoted cultural exchanges from East to West and vice versa, and became a world famous impresario, producing 2,000 events each year all over the world encompassing over 140 countries. In this connection, in 1972, she went to Dharamsala to find the lost Tibetan Folk Opera, and met His Holiness the Dalai Lama, with whom she remains a lifelong friend. In 1973 and 1991 she arranged and funded personally the tours of the Folk Opera of Tibet to the West. She has received many medals and honors from different countries. Her tireless life long work in Philanthropic field is vast and well known ranging from Save the Beacon Theater, Save the Boat People, Help the Homeless, natural disasters of earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as relief to AIDS and HIV positive children in Africa. She has been a dedicated Board Member to both the J. Luce Foundation and Orphans International for years. Her work focuses on the Tibetan people; Tibetan children remain especially strong in her heart. She raised fund for the new academic building for Manjushree Orphanage in Tawang, India and supported many aspects of the school. See HuffPo pieces entitled Japanese Holistic Healer in NYC to Build School for Tibetan Orphans in India, A Japanese Dinner with Raul Castro’s Daughter, and NYC Gala in Support of Tibetan Orphans Set for January.

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